Academic journal article International Review of Management and Business Research

Effective Strategies for the Improvement of Human and Material Resources Management in the Nigerian Local Government System

Academic journal article International Review of Management and Business Research

Effective Strategies for the Improvement of Human and Material Resources Management in the Nigerian Local Government System

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The need for improved service deliverance in the Nigerian local government system has necessitated the need for strategies to improve upon their human and material resources which will in turn, improve the Nigerian democracy, hence the assertion that the local government plays a crucial role in developing democratic regimes by establishing stable mechanisms for economic and social development in Nigeria is a truism and the level of the management capacity is a key element of its success. However, local government has been criticized as inefficient leading to scholars often, questioning its desirability. Fortunately, scholars have overwhelmingly advocated for an efficient democratic local government as a vehicle of socio-economic development in Nigeria; as it has been widely argued that local people understands their peculiar problems more and thus are better positioned to address them substantially. To achieve this noble task, it behooves on the local government to improve upon the human and material resources at their disposal. As a matter of necessity, the local government needs three main resources to survive. These are financial, material, and human resources. The local government needs money to pay her staff and to buy the essential materials or equipment for operation. Maximum production of services offered cannot be achieved unless the essential material resources are available. Of course, there is no organization without human resources. Even if an organization has got all the money and the materials it needs, it must still find capable people to put them into effective use. It is, therefore, safe to claim that human resources are about the most important of the three essential resources of an organization. It is equally true to say that human resources are the highest asset of any organization, because no matter the amount of capital invested in an organization, its success or failure depends on the quality of people who plan and execute its programmes (Nwankwo, 2000).

However, having identified the needed resources in the local government as an organization, there is also the need to develop capacities to allocate these resources efficiently. These capacities are management of financial resources that determines how money will be spent to get the work done, and accounting for these expenditures; management of material resources which obtains and sees to the appropriate use of equipment, facilities, and materials needed to do certain work; management of personnel resources which motivates, develops, and directs people as they work, identifies the best people for the job; and time management which manages one's own time and the time of others. Together, they are known as Resources Management (

Nonetheless, the role expectation of the local government in the socio-economic cum political development of Nigeria, coupled with the erstwhile accusations of ineffectivity and inefficiency that has eroded the pride of local government administration in Nigeria has called for a need to step up their games in ensuring improved service delivery in the 774 local government posts in Nigeria. Such calls are to ensure that local needs and demands are met at their local levels so that the presence of the government is overwhelmingly felt at the local/grassroot levels. These calls are contingent upon a believe that local government services has been poor overtime; and therefore, this research seeks answers to the following questions:

1. What are the effective strategies for human and material resources management improvement that can guarantee enhanced service delivery in the Nigerian local government system?

2. What are the impacts of these strategies for human and material resources management improvement on the local government system in Nigeria?

In lieu of the above identified questions and the examination of the imperatives of human and material resources management in the Nigerian Local Government system towards local government service improvement in Nigeria, the paper seeks:

1. …

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