Academic journal article European Journal of Tourism Research

Economic Strategy of the Hospitality Industry Development in the Russian Federation: Methodology and Practice

Academic journal article European Journal of Tourism Research

Economic Strategy of the Hospitality Industry Development in the Russian Federation: Methodology and Practice

Article excerpt

Goal and objectives of the dissertation

The goal of the dissertation is to develop the methodology of economic strategy formation as well as the tool of its implementation in the business of hospitality industry enterprises.

The achievement of pre-determined goal indicates the necessity of approaching the following objectives:

1. Examine the concept and structure of the hospitality industry as the object of the service sector in the Russian Federation and abroad and to formulate proposals for its improvement.

2. Clarify the content of scientific concepts and criteria of strategic management in the hospitality industry based on economic strategy.

3. Justify the meaning of the growth of business value and economic profit for the strategic development of enterprises in the hospitality industry.

4. Identify the importance of the economic strategy as a tool for the formation of competitive advantages for enterprises in the hospitality industry.

5. Summarise and systematise the concepts of strategic development of the global hospitality industry.

6. Establish links between concepts and theoretical approaches to the development of the hospitality industry with the theory of strategic management.

7. Explore the modern trends of development of hotel, restaurant, transport, tourism enterprises in the global hospitality industry and they used strategies, and develop proposals for improving the efficiency of Russian enterprises in this sector of economic activity.

8. Develop a classification model of the system integrative stages of strategic development for enterprises in the hospitality industry with informed choice of instruments of economic strategy.

9. Suggest portfolios of strategies to achieve economic profit, gain competitive position and to increase value of assets of the enterprise.

10. Develop a model of the formation and implementation of economic strategies, applicable for any type of hospitality business.

11. Develop optimisation models of development and implementation of economic strategy in the activity of enterprises of the hospitality industry.

12. Propose a methodology to determine the effect from implementation of the economic strategy by enterprises in the hospitality industry.


Mixed methods research is used in dissertation as well as the procedure for collecting and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data to understand problem. The hospitality industry was divided in four major groups: hotels, restaurants, transport companies, mainly airlines and airports and tourist companies. Every element and their performance were researched.

Primary data were obtained through observations, semi-structured interviews with hotel and restaurant managers, as well as representatives of various tourist firms, organisations and associations, site visits and venues inspections. Author is grateful to administrations of Moscow hotels Radisson, Savoy, Cosmos, restaurant chains in Moscow MacDonald's, KFC International Holdings Inc., Inna Tours, Intourist, Russian Union of Tourist Industry, Russian Hotel Association and many others for opportunity to discuss and collect information for this research.

Secondary data were obtained from various publications of WTO-UN, World Travel and Tourism Council, Euromonitor, Federal State Spastics Service of Russian Federations, The Russia Federal Agency for Tourism as well as revues in relevant magazines, newspapers, articles in web sites.

The author's professional expertise in this area enables the collection of significant up-to-date information concerning the hospitality industry in Russian Federation.


The most significant results of the doctoral dissertation received by the author are as follow:

Theory and Methodology:

The existing concepts, trends and opinions of strategic development in the hospitality industry were systematised and made it possible for author to propose a division of strategic management into following periods: 1) Formation of the hospitality industry (late XIX - early XX century), 2) The emergence of formal and informal conditions of business for enterprises in hospitality industry (1910 - 1945), 3) Integrative development of the hospitality industry through chains and global expansion (1946 - 1970), 4) Value Based Management approach in management of hospitality industry enterprises (1970 - 1990), 5) Competences and formation of unique technologies in hospitality industry (1990 - present). …

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