Academic journal article Chicago Review

Word Made Flesh

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Word Made Flesh

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Because life is short

cells are programmed to die unless notified not to.

Because life is short

nothing is easier than overtaking the future

the certainties arising only from sluggishness, Mallarmé's

bulging, a specific milieu in tissue where once existed entelechies

sheathing lapsed soggy.

Things fall apart

immature or silly patriot present only in

going or going on in italics of bereavement, shrinkage in our read-


our removal from the cell Tel Quel or "The division of the assem-


for attention spans somewhat less.

Now you see it

cellular wreck where sputtered tissue or less work.

To regulate a good duplicate we must remember to issue duplicate

pleats. Et cetera ingesting disintegration-

daughter no respite from self.

Ready or not

death a preservative selected the degenerative process.

So too barrage present to adult but with loss of endocrine where-


the said adaptor cleaving complex triggers cascade:

we must remember to cherish shrinkage cell wall vacuole

to fall away fall apart

present only in embryonic stage, then bestowed

adult removal. …

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