Academic journal article Asian Social Science

The Public Discourse of American Animated Films in China

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

The Public Discourse of American Animated Films in China

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America animated films process experienced cultural integration process when imported into China. It will be analyzed the ways America animated films interpretation for public discourse, and Chinese reading of the American animated film works. Finally, it will be discussed the reasons America animated films won the favor of China children and parents.

Keywords: America animated films, audiences, public discourse, Chinese language reading

At the beginning of 1990s, American animated films launched a series classic animated films with the integration of the world's cultural resources, participating in and changing the public discourse space in movies. For example, "Aladdin" from Arabia myth, and so on.

American animated films have been succeed in utilizing foreign cultural themes, converting and transmitting. Hua Mu Lan is the first success American animated film which adapted from Chinese ancient story, although it shown most contents with the style of American culture, which is the defect. Furthermore, Kung Fu Panda got a bigger success with Chinese characters and the style of Chinese culture. The movie had attracted Chinese children and parents with its cultural elements and funny story. We had to respect the animated movie with 100 million RMB at the box office.

American animated film got good consensus of Chinese audience with humor, grand scale, fast pace. Last year, Mr. Peabody And Sherman, and Turbo win the children and parents' heart by its cute childish psychology and childhood story.

1. Introduction: Common Theme of Growing UP

1.1 Take an Example of the Movie Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Mr. Peabody & Sherman is a 3D computer animated science fiction film (Peabody & Sherman, 2013, 2014). The characters in the film come from the American animated serials" The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show" (Peabody & Sherman, 2014) in 1960s. The story talks about Peabody, the best smart dog in the world, who adopt a boy called Sherman, and start a fun journal.

Peabody invented a time travel machine for his son to explore the fantastic world. They traveled the time space, adventured the entire world with great happiness. Mr. Peabody abandoned Sherman to adventure by himself, and tries to make a totally safe and beautiful world. Sherman like it which Peabody given, too. But Sherman and his classmate Penny Peterson's Bite Issue broke the peace. Peabody was been doubt by Child Protective Services whether been suitable for raising Sherman any more, which disturb his mind deeply.

In order to clear the misunderstanding, Peabody invited Penny, the classmate of Sherman and her parents. Sherman told the secret of the time machine by mistake, and travelled with her through the time in which like Trojan War, Renaissance Italia, Ancient Egypt, finished dangerous and interesting trip. In the trip, Sherman found his independent exploration courage. However, Sherman, Penny came back to the time when there is a himself before since he need to rescue his father. This mistake made the time machine broken. Finally, Sherman found the way entering to the future time space and fixed the time machine. After the accident, Peabody found the right way to raise a brave and independence son, and Penny has been good friends with Sherman.

1.2 The Attraction of Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Like the Ender's Game shown recently, Mr. Peabody & Sherman respects the mind and the energy of children. They endow the Children nature intelligence, and the nature which the adults lack: the Courage of Exploring, Flexible Thinking, Persistence and cooperating spirit. In the movie, time machine accident made Peabody understand the importance of respecting the mind of children. At the end of the movie, Peabody said: "Every doggy need a boy." Children and animals' equal rights were approved and respected totally in the movie, which was welcomed by children audiences. Because Children eager the freedom flying and exploring in the strange world, and making the dreams coming true. …

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