Academic journal article Language Arts

Art Does Align with CCSS

Academic journal article Language Arts

Art Does Align with CCSS

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"Art helps me because it's part of my life. And without art, I wouldn't be like,

'Oh, those mountains are beautiful.'. . . I wouldn't be like that."


Like other kids her age, my six-year-old daughter, Sophia, is a budding artist. She carries around a sketchpad and enjoys creating original characters as well as pausing Pokémon shows and drawing what she sees. A couple of years ago, she surprised us with the observation that cute characters in cartoons have big eyes. I never noticed that.

I was curious to see what would happen as Sophia entered first grade this year. Would the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) mean an end to her artistry? Would her days be filled with worksheets and tests?

As it turns out, no.

"I love making art in school. It's one of my favorite things," Sophia told me.

In a recent unit on the human body, students in her class created skeletons using various pasta shapes. In art class, they studied cave paintings, learned how materials were made, and created their own scenes on crumpled paper bags. At various times throughout the school year, parent volunteers led Mini Museum lessons in which they introduced an artist, showed examples of the person's work, and then led students in creating their own pieces. …

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