Academic journal article International Research Journal of Arts and Humanities

The Islamic Perspective and Pakistani Media

Academic journal article International Research Journal of Arts and Humanities

The Islamic Perspective and Pakistani Media

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1. Introduction

Pakistan has reached to the point where the West has started labeling it as a "Failed State". Due to its vested interested in this area and Islamic culture. The global economic interest created crisis and hit badly Pakistan. The various problems being faced include sectarianism, bomb blasting, political, terrorism, power shortages, gas shortages, unavailability of basic needs for people such as food, housing, clothes, rising rates of unemployment. Apart from the problems of terrorism and unemployment a serious issue has grown over the past few years is that no one takes the responsibility to resolve them even the government. With the ever increasing problems for the general public of the country, it is time for something to be done on part of the government and the people. Everyone has to contribute to take Pakistan out of this crisis situation. In this very situation of Pakistani media has a powerful role to play.

2. The Essence of Islamic Perspective

In the present tasteful consumer society the modem media has tied the whole of the planet together in glamour's life of woman, wine and wealth. With modem technology media has become a powerful carrier of cultural norms. The media role is a well-defme with its ethics for the journalism. The psychology, social attitude and behavior of the masses are being influence though mobile, laptop, wireless internet, SMS; cable net, TV, Film Radio, Press and cinema etc. The western media projects nudism and violence for its vested interest, the example are WMD in Iraq. The international media blames Islam and Pakistan that she has hideouts of terrorists. It has created an alarming challenge for Islamic social order and cultural on religious sense. Whereas the Islamic duty enjoined to the believers is as following;


Abdullah Yusuf Ali (2004) translates: Thus, have We made of you an Ummat justly balanced, that ye might be witnesses over the nations, and the Messenger a witness over yourselves; and We appointed the Qibla to which thou wast used, only to test those who followed the Messenger from those who would turn on their heels (From the Faith). Indeed it was (A change) momentous, except to those guided by Allah. And never would Allah Make your faith of no effect. For Allah is to all people most surely full of kindness, Most Merciful. (1) The Muslims have to protect and promote the divine massage of Allah ( swt ) under the ethics of prophetic teachings to the humanity till the end of this universe. The history has to be kept in mind for future guidance. The Pakistani media's production, advertisements, dissemination of information on social / scientific programs for the development and entertainment has a great impact on the individual and society. Keeping the defense of our ideological/ geographical and faith's boundaries, this media combat is actually aimed at to lessen and eliminate the love and obedience of the prophet of Islam. Waheed-ul-Zaman writes that true Islamic faith is true obedience to faith giver and love to Islamic culture /Sunnah .It is the vital parts of Muslin's conduct in every walk of life, everywhere to protect and promote it" (2).

This essence of Islamic perspective is to be performed by every individual and media as following:

a. The confirm faith in Islamic teaching and promotion means that true confirm knowledge of teaching of Islam with true Islamic character practice one should act and react.

b. The True Obedience with fullest force of performance with above mentioned Islamic faith is called true following. As the Lord says in Quran, surah Al-Nisa verses no 80 bellow:


Translation "One who obeyed the prophet, obeyed Allah" (3)

The Muslim faith demands that the prophetic way is only obedience of Allah (swt) all the times and all palaces for all actions of a Muslim.

c. The promotion of Islamic culture with Love and sincerity. …

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