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Development of Framework for the Image of Vietnam as a Tourism Desination for Malaysian Tourists

Academic journal article Researchers World

Development of Framework for the Image of Vietnam as a Tourism Desination for Malaysian Tourists

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Consider the importance of the tourism industry, this study investigates the image of Vietnam as a tourism destination for Malaysian tourists by analysing and identifying various Malaysian travel guidebooks and brochures as well as finding an importance of performance analysis based on a set of attributes. Field studies of survey design will be used, hence, the variables under investigation and interview questionnaire design will be observed under natural research setting. The sample of the study consists of all the present individual Malaysian tourists travel to Vietnam and haven't travel to Vietnam. Both descriptive and inferential statistic will be employed in analysing the data that to be collected by using open-ended questions and multiple choice questionnaires. The study contributes theoretically and practically by examining deeper understanding the Vietnam's image as a destination among Malaysian tourists.

Keywords: Tourism, destination, image, marketing, perception, Vietnam.


Tourism industry is the great generator of a vast amount of jobs across national and regional economies, approximately contributing 6-7% worldwide employment both direct and indirect jobs (UNWTO 2011).Tourism contributes enormous benefits to a country, therefore, many countries recently have place much more efforts to presenting and attractive, especially on tourism's image.

Tourism destination image is a very effective method to assert the country's reputation in the world and destination image is one of an important influence on tourists choose a destination (Gabriel and Venilton 2011). It has attracted and encouraged in a number of studies more than thirty years (Danijela and Alen 2012; Ana and Roxana 2011; Pike 2010; McCartney, Butler and Bennett 2008; Ortega and Gonsalez 2007), especially for tourism which is important to investigate in a country (Pike 2011 ; Saura and Garcia 2002). "Hunt (1975) was the first to demonstrate the importance of the destination image in tourism industry, in increasing the number of tourists visiting destinations" (Ana and Roxana 2011, p.5) and Papadopoulos (1993) also was the first noted the country images are relevant for any kind of development factor which including tourism industry, investment attraction as well as product exports.

According to, Statia and Nicolas (2012) that destination image "in parallel with tourism marketing" and its strategies used by the destination marketing country or organizations in an attempt to differentiate and position themselves in an increasingly competitive environment (Pike et al 2004; Echtner and Ritchie 1991). Many researcher stated that positive images or positive perceptions could help by the tourist will attract more travellers, it is because the common sense that positive images will have more power to convince consumption behaviour (McCartner, Butler and Bennett 2009). There are many factors which is influences in images of destination, a major objective of any destination positioning strategy should be to reinforce positive images already held by the target audience, correct negative images, or create a new image (Pike and Ryan 2004), therefore, "to understand why tourists select certain destinations, it is necessary to identify the influencing factors and examine how people perceive and create mental images" (Nevenka and Aneta 2006, p.57) in order to provides more effective and efficient future marketing planning of the destination (Ana and Roxana 2011).

Since Vietnam realizes the important role of this industry, the government has been concentrating in marketing tourism by funding various promotion campaigns to the world. On the other hand, Vietnam currently has some places have been listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites as evidences of effort to boost the national tourism industry. During the last of 15 years, the number of tourists has increased rapidly and the forecast of Vietnam destination market will be triple size by the year 2030 (VNAT 2012)"

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council and Oxford Economic Forecasting that Vietnam's tourism industry is expected to experience the sixth-highest growth rate of countries in the world during 2007 and 2016 (Vietnam's Tourism Grows 2006). …

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