Academic journal article Journal of Singing

Letters to the Editor

Academic journal article Journal of Singing

Letters to the Editor

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Hi, Richard.

Congratulations as always on an excellent edition of JOS [Journal of Singing 70, no. 5 (May/June 2014)]. I noticed one error and hope you might make note of it in the next issue. The Coleridge quotation on p. 623, which has long been special to me, comes not from the Eolian Harp, but Frost at Midnight. It is addressed to his infant son, Harley, who wasn't yet born at the time of the Eolian Harp. The latter was addressed to his new wife, Sara.



Professor of Voice, Opera

North Dakota State University

[The editor is grateful to Dr. Sublett for the correction and regrets the misattribution.]

Dear Dr. Sjoerdsma,

In reference to the illuminative article, Amy Beach: Muse, Conscience, and Society, by Susan Mardinly in Journal of Singing, May/June 2014 (Volume 70, no. 5, 527-540), I would like to offer a few observations. "Jephthah's Daughter" is described as the composer's only concert aria. However, there exists also the earlier concert recitative and aria, "Eilende Wolken, Segler der Lüfte," published in 1891 by A. P. Schmidt. Copies of both these works were given to me by the late Beach scholar, Adrienne Fried Block, as source materials for reprint editions that I issued in 2006. …

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