Academic journal article Public Administration Research

Function Transformation of Government from the Low-Carbon Economy Perspective: Model, Path and Integration

Academic journal article Public Administration Research

Function Transformation of Government from the Low-Carbon Economy Perspective: Model, Path and Integration

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With the development of the world economy and the unsustainable use of resources, the environment is becoming devastating and has serious problems. In order to strengthen environmental management, it's time to develop the low-carbon economy. Government as the main body, it should transform its functions actively to promote the development of the low-carbon economy in the whole society. This article selects a new perspective that is through two dimensions "the implementation efficiency of government function" and "the extent of low-carbon marketization", and accordingly constructs four modes of the transformation of government function from the perspective of low carbon economy , that is "accomplish nothing" type, "stick in the mud" type, "paper tiger" type and "much to offer" type. Furthermore, the article discusses the transformation paths between these models and makes it system integration (M-P-I paradigm). To achieve the best transformation of government functions from low-carbon perspective, finally, this paper provides related advices and strategies for governments department.

Keywords: low-carbon economy, function transformation of government, mode construction, transformation path, systematic integration

1. Introduction

In recent years, with the rapid development of Chinese economics and the acceleration of social transformation, resource dependence and environment pollution are becoming more and more serious. According to the People's Daily on January 13, 2013, there were 33 cities whose air quality index (AQI) in parts of the detecting sites data over 300 among the 74 cities compared with the good air quality value of 100, which mean the air quality is seriously polluted. From the above one can come to the conclusion that "Low-carbon" is not only a high pursuit in the literal, but also an imperative aspect related to the sustainable economic growth and people's happiness.

During recent years, the country focused reforms on government systems and the strategic readjustment of economic structure. The Third Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee pointed out that government should speed up the transformation of functions powerfully, deepen reforms of administration system, and innovate administrative management style, enhance its credibility and execution, and establish a law-based and service-oriented government. Therefore, the government should seize the opportunity, transform function and improve the capacity of governance so as to provide motives for low-carbon economic development.

2. Relationship between Low-carbon Economy and Transformation of Government Functions

Low-carbon economy is a gradual developing and mature concept in terms of high carbon economy(Zhang Kunmin, 2008). From the environmentally friendly perspective, it refers to make use of the innovation of technology, and reduce pollutions and the waste of resources, so that promote a green economic growth and the feasible development of society. Functions of government refer to what? An answer is that it means a kind of responsibilities and duties when the administrative organs manage the national and social public affairs according to law (Qian Mengdan, 2010). However, in modem society, the government's economic function is developing unilaterally which bring a lot of new problem, such as environmental problems, energy and resource problems. All of which requires the government to rebalance and position its functions, so as to adapt to the needs for future development (Zhang Kangzhi, 2004). Therefore, what really matters is how to achieve the transfonnation of government functions. Based on the definition of government functions and the perspective of low-carbon economy, the transfonnation of government functions aims to satisfy the needs of developing the low-carbon economy, focus on optimizing and integrating the present functions which hinder the development of low-carbon economy, and constructs a series of government agencies coordinated with low-carbon development's need. …

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