Academic journal article Advances in Management

Business Analytics Driven Students Likings on Social Media

Academic journal article Advances in Management

Business Analytics Driven Students Likings on Social Media

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Main aim of the study is towards transforming students data into business analytics with a focus on analyzing usage, adoption and perspective of social networking sites. Nowadays users are increasingly interacting with Internet and web based applications, in this context social websites have gained immense popularity during past few years; this situation initiates a need to assess them In this research paper most popular and most widely used social networking sites are investigated. Social analytics analysis is carried out using data from students who responded to the questionnaire carried out using descriptive business analytics. Results indicate that all of the sampled students were adapted to these sites because they use at least one form of social networking. On the perspective dimension more students use social networking as a part of their daily routine, students spent more time observing content than posting contents, these websites are also used by students to express their identity.

Keywords: Business analytics, Social analytics, Social media, Dashboard, Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs).


Business analytics (BA) simply helps you to understand what is actually happening, to understand what data you need, how to get or extract raw data so that your problem must be measurable, anything that is measurable can be analytically analyzed. In this context social networking sites (SNS) turn out to be progressively more incorporated and keen on the way why numerous users use SN medias like face book, orkut, twitter, myspace, linkedin etc. which can be measured by number of visits, views, clicks, comment, likes, shares, fans, followers, subscribers etc. With these kinds of related data, business analytics is vital for simplifying insights and thereby leading to effective decision making which has made data more actionable. SNS contains exponential amount of user generated data which helps business analytics to analyze, summarize information for displaying proactive alerts in dashboards. SNS helps in creating and sustain relationships, think and act with others today for overall enhancement of communication. Thus SNS allows users to create private report for linking other users of the sites.

Clients share personal information etc. as well as create new connections, invitation messages of their preference. SNS can be claimed as modem way of connecting people, nowadays people tend to stay disconnected in reality and wish to stay connected virtually using social medias. Without these modes of sharing information, ideas are trying to authorize the change that is happening in today's civilization.

Although variety of factors can be taken into consideration for the vertical growth of these medias, on one dimension most of the reasons can be attributed to students falling addict to these new face of interaction that paved way for creating new friends, sharing views on an common issues, spreading mmors for fun and personal gains which affect every common man on the planet without focusing on the solution that needs to be done to stop the epidemic. On the other dimension student users form community on social media networks to bring changes for good, mostly students use SNS to be in touch with members of the society. SNS has created an informal way to intermingle with others. SNSs were integrated thoroughly and deeply into every user since they are adapted to these ways of interaction.

Free internet usage in colleges and various institutions provides them these privileges; allow them to indulge in activities that are currently happening in SNS. Almost all social media providers are in compulsion to ever increase their technical infrastructure to support the demand of growing new members across the globe every day. Not alone users are growing day by day but new apps providing different ways to keeping in touch with people without bothering who wishes to be online or offline. …

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