Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Internal Political and International Aspects of Regulation of the Shadow Sector as a Threat to Economic Security

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Internal Political and International Aspects of Regulation of the Shadow Sector as a Threat to Economic Security

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The purpose of this research is to develop methodologies for the development of regulatory mechanisms of the shadow economy in Russia from the viewpoint of the theory of economic interests. To implement the set goals have been resolved following scientific problems:

* Analysis of mechanisms of regulation of shadow economic relations in the Russian Federation.

* To develop methodological basis of the theory of economic interests in the informal sector of the Russian Federation and to formulate practical recommendations for their effective implementation.

* To analyze the patterns of development of economic relations in the informal sectors of the Russian Federation.

* Identify actions the improvement of the tools of regulation of economic policy in the informal sectors of the Russian Federation.

* Develop a methodology to neutralize shadow relations as the basis for the correction of imbalances economic interests in Russia.

Theoretic-methodological basis of the study was the theory of economic interests, which is a research program founded on the principles of relativism, scientific attractiveness as research methodology problems of influence of shadow economic relations at the national economic security is the ability of dialectical synthesis, which no methodology of "individualism", neither the methodology of "holism".

The study found that shadow the potential of the Russian society because of its high social structure that has allowed to define major directions of social-economic policy in order to neutralize the effects of the shadow economic activity.

Received confirmation of the fact that in Russia there are two groups of subjects of the shadow economy, guided by their own interests: the first group is driven by the desire for personal enrichment, the second forced to withdraw "in the shadow" to survive in the conditions of unreasoned economic (tax) policy and administrative arbitrariness.

It is proved that the constructive component of the shadow economy is concentrated mainly on the production stage of the process of reproduction, and its destructive part - in the sphere of exchange and distribution. Based on the theory of economic interests has developed instruments for the protection of national-state economic interests in Russia in the context of combating dangerous manifestations of the shadow economy.

Keywords: criminal globalization, corruption, the informal sector, economic policy, economic security, economic interests

1. Introduction

In modern Russia during the years of market reforms shadow economic relations, manifested in the informal sector of the economy began to grow rapidly, reaching, according to experts, about 40 % of the national economy. Shadow economy and shadow economy are the result of disease of the economy, changes in the system of economic relations society. The expansion of these relations are extremely harmful to the national economy of the country, has a negative impact on the moral and legal sphere of society, distorts the identity of many people, undermining state security, reduces the competitiveness of the national economy on the world market. Society and the state must actively influence the roots of generation of shadow economic relations, which, in all their diversity, have a common basis - deformation of the socio-economic system of society.

One of the major problems hindering positive economic growth, the criminalization of various parties of activity of economic entities. Economic environment where you have to work and develop Russian enterprises, is formed by the flow of legal and criminal capital. Efficient operation and development of Russian organizations is impossible without constant combat the shadow component of the Russian economy. The influence of the shadow economy in Russia is so great that the actual need for them to analyze and develop measures to reduce these effects.

Due to changes in the processes of functioning of the Russian society is changing and in the shadow economy. …

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