Academic journal article Transactions of the American Philosophical Society

Bibliography of David Pingree

Academic journal article Transactions of the American Philosophical Society

Bibliography of David Pingree

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The Thousands of Abu Ma 'shar (London, 1968).

Albumasaris De revolutionibus nativitatum (Leipzig, 1968).

Sanskrit Astronomical Tables in the United States (Philadelphia, 1968).

The Vidvajjanavallabha of Bhojaräja (Baroda, 1970).

Census of the Exact Sciences in Sanskrit, Series A, volumes 1-5 (Philadelphia, 1970-1994).

The Pancasiddhäntikä ofVarähamihira, 2 volumes (Copenhagen, 1970-1971) [with O. Neugebauer].

The Astrological History of Mäshä älläh (Cambridge MA, 1971) [with E. S. Kennedy].

The Bfhadyäträ of Varähamihira (Madras, 1972).

Hephaestionis Thebani Apotelesmaticorum libri tres, 2 volumes (Leipzig, 1973-1974).

Sanskrit Astronomical Tables in England (Madras, 1973).

Babylonian Planetary Omens, Part l: The Venus Tablet of Ammiçaduqa (Malibu, 1975) [with E. Reiner].

The Laghukhecarasiddhi of Srldhara (Baroda, 1975).

Dorothei Sidonii Carmen astrologicum (Leipzig, 1976).

The Vrddhayavanajätaka of Mînarâja, 2 volumes (Baroda, 1976).

The Yavanajätaka of Sphujidhvaja, 2 volumes (Cambridge MA, 1978).

The Book of Reasons Behind Astronomical Tables (Delmar NY, 1981) [with F. I. Haddad and E. S, Kennedy].

Jyotihsästra (Wiesbaden, 1981).

Babylonian Planetary Omens, Part 2: Enüma Anu Enlil, Tablets 50-51 (Malibu, 1981) [with E. Reiner].

A Catalogue of the Chandra Shum Shere Collection in the Bodleian Library, Part 1: Jyotihsästra (Oxford, 1984).

The Astronomical Works of Gregory Chioniades, Part 1: The Zij al- 'Alä 7, 2 volumes (Amsterdam, 1985-1986).

Vettii Valentis Anthologiarum libri novem (Leipzig, 1986).

Picatrix: The Latin Version of the Ghäyat al-hakim (London, 1986).

The Räjamrgänka of Bhojaräja (Aligarh, 1987).

MUL.APIN: An Astronomical Compendium in Cuneiform (Horn, 1989) [with H. Hunger].

The Grahajnäna of Äsädhara together with the Ganitacüdämani of Harihara (Aligarh, 1989).

The Astronomical Works of Dasabala (Aligarh, 1990).

Levi ben Gerson s Prognostication for the Conjunction of 1345 (Philadelphia, 1990) [with B. R. Goldstein).

The Liber Aristotilis of Hugo Santalla (London, 1997) [with C. Burnett].

From Astral Omens to Astrology, From Babylon to BJkäner (Rome, 1997).

Preceptum Canonis Ptolomei (Louvain-la-Neuve, 1997).

Babylonian Planetary Omens, Part Three (Groningen, 1998) [with E. Reiner].

Astral Sciences in Mesopotamia (Leiden, 1999) [with H. Hunger].

Arabic Astronomy in Sanskrit: Al-Birjandï on Tadhkira II, Chapter 11 and its Sanskrit Translation (Leiden, 2002) [with T. Kusuba].

A Descriptive Catalogue of the Sanskrit Astronomical Manuscripts Preserved at the Maharaja Man Singh II Museum in Jaipur, India (Philadelphia, 2003).

Catalogue of Jyotiça Manuscripts in the Wellcome Library: Sanskrit Astral and Mathematical Literature (Leiden, 2004).

A Catalogue of the Sanskrit Manuscripts at Columbia University (New York, 2007).

Historic Scientific Instruments of the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum, Volume II: Eastern Astrolabes (Chicago, 2009).

The Reconciliation of Puranic and Siddhantic Cosmologies: The Treatises of Kevalarama and Nandarama (forthcoming) [with C. Minkowski].

Rhetorius of Egypt (forthcoming) [with S. Heilan].

Chapters in Books

"The Apologia of Alphonus Lyncurius," in J. Tedeschi (ed.), Italian Reformation Studies in Honor of Laelius Socinus (Florence, 1965), 199-214.

"Astrology," in P. P. Wiener (ed.), Dictionary of the History of Ideas, 4 volumes (New York, 1973-1974), I, 118-126.

"The Karanavaisnava of Sankara," in Charudeva Shastri Felicitation Volume (Delhi, 1974), 588-600.

"Mäsha'alläh: Some Sasanian and Syriac Sources," in G. F. Hourani (ed.), Essays in Islamic Philosophy and Science (Albany NY, 1975), 5-14.

"Al-BTmnI's Knowledge of Sanskrit Astronomical Texts," in P. J. Chelkowski (ed.), The Scholar and the Saint: Studies in Commemoration of Abu j-Rayhan al-Biruni and J alai al-Din al-Rumi (New York, 1975), 67-81. …

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