Academic journal article Chicago Review


Academic journal article Chicago Review


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Ten standing

is the limit

Catch the next

One sections a corner

one arcs across a corner

Tyrant's toad,

infirm, in absentia

"This is just a summer cloud "

Two at the bus pod

one talking about his dealer

"He don't give me his games

I don't give him my games

We stay straight up "


of sun falling on:


in a rod,



in released


Old pencil,

a healed scab

over the eraser


an owl


Lady Spendthrift

Lord Transit

My every-evening guests

put up by the tidal window

on a sand grain divan

I keep them company and liable

sitting here

in thrown together

in patched together life

Opportune moment,

hoisting on his jacket:

flash of midriff

At the Job Fair

they were helpful

and brisk

New-made acquaintance,

an opera-worker

He's the follow light

A strange trade

or rather

a complex care

Parts of you at room temperature

not the clothed ones,

now you're part of everything

Where the artifact wandered

it then lay down light

on a sill of happening

Sound of ocean in the ocean

the not-quite repetitions

if you chose to listen

and that listening sets you on

Bodiless alter-volume

empirical sea level

The poets in hell remember

their poems

The ones in paradise don't remember,

with one exception-

can you name him? …

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