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Trip Wire

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Trip Wire

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In vain seclude a fossil of dream

a flight of scapulas

Starved and shrinking moon

Where I've been, be gone

What makes it a bigtime crime

to spend the rest of my life

shaking like a lake

I meet you not far from it

Waitresses serve me as I pass

Attractive disputes in their own garden

When the wings open again

and everyone gasps

It spreads like coral or invitations

Trip wire worth more than

that ring on your finger

The world smokes the world

as fast as you master it

It's embarrassing to lay claim

Violins you cannot hear in dreams

A trough in the sand where seas

accumulate when it rains hard

A rim of mountains that

the glacier will move

and then deposit when it

evolves into livable ocean

The dream itself the clue to wakeness

and what it is laid off for

Certainty of the railing

where she parks one hip

No sleep in the etiquette

Stoop as the court of sharpness

in song or in solo

She sits top step and everybody

must turn and face up

The weary stuck onstage

Whoever parts the sea

will tear her dress

It begins with a siren and dissolve

Daybreak is just the ending

Figure reclines near beaming window

Animation within begins to sort

Semblance and the noise it makes abate

Step feels sure in a soundless world

Recognizable at first sight

Colors bright, consequence imposing

Refreshment at stake

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* John Godfrey has lived in the East Village of Manhattan for more than 45 years. …

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