Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Arab-Israeli Conflict

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Arab-Israeli Conflict

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FBIS, Foreign Broadcast Information Service Daily Report available from the National Technical Information Service, World News Connection on the world wide web at The date in the source information refers to the WNC Entry Date.

FT, Financial Times

NYT, The New York Times

WP, The Washington Post

WSJ, The Wall Street Journal

Arab-Israeli Conflict

See also, Palestinian Affairs, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon 1998

Apr. 16: In Eilat, Israel, Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Jordan's King Husayn met to discuss the stalled peace process. [4/17 NYT, WP]

British prime minister Tony Blair arrived in Cairo to begin a four-day visit to the Middle East in an attempt to revive the peace process. [4/17 FT]

Apr. 19: South of Hebron, a Jewish settler was killed, another was wounded and a Palestinian was severely wounded. Israeli radio reported that a group of Palestinians had "infiltrated" Jewish settlers' land, attacked the settlers at work in the fields, and taken their weapons. According to the injured Palestinian, he and the settlers had been in a field arguing over grazing rights when an unidentified settler began shooting at them. [4/20 NYT]

British prime minister Blair offered to host peace talks in London. Prime Minister Netanyahu accepted the offer. [4/20 NYT, FT]

Apr. 20: British prime minister Blair announced that Israeli prime minister Netanyahu and Palestinian National Authority (PNA) president Yasir `Arafat would meet separately with US secretary of state Madeleine K. Albright on 4 May in London to revive the peace talks. [4/21 NYT, FT]

In Gaza, British prime minister Blair and PNA president `Arafat announced the establishment of a joint European Union-Palestinian security committee to help the PNA combat terrorism. [4/20 FT]

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) denied Israeli media reports asserting that Israel had released Ahmad Qatamish on 15 April under the framework of a deal in which the PFLP renounced the use of violence against Israel. [4/21 FBIS]

Apr. 24: During an interview on Israel's Channel Two television, Israeli prime minister Netanyahu stated that if PNA president `Arafat declared Palestinian statehood in May 1999, Israel would re-annex parts of the West Bank. [4/25, 4/26 FT]

In Damascus, Egyptian president Husni Mubarak met with Syrian president Hafiz al-Asad to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and Israel's proposal to withdraw from southern Lebanon. [4/28 FBIS]

Apr. 25: US envoy to the Middle East Dennis Ross met with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu at Netanyahu's residence in Jerusalem to discuss the amount of land Israel would be willing to cede to the Palestinians. [4/26 NYT]

Apr. 26: In Gaza, US envoy to the Middle East Ross met with PNA president `Arafat in an attempt to revive peace talks. [4/27 FT]

In Gaza City, former Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres met with PNA president `Arafat and expressed his desire to see the creation of a Palestinian state by May 1999. [4/27 NYT]

Apr. 28: In Cairo, Egyptian president Mubarak met with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu to discuss an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank. [4/29 NYT, FT]

Apr. 29: PNA president `Arafat accepted the US proposal for an Israeli withdrawal from 13 percent of the West Bank. [4/30 WSJ]

Israel decided to refuse Palestinian entry into Israel from the West Bank and Gaza Strip until 2 May while Israel celebrated its 50th anniversary. [5/1 FT]

Apr. 30: At the Har Homa Jewish settlement, in an area of East Jerusalem known to Arabs as Jabal Abu Ghunaym, thousands of Israelis gathered to lay a symbolic cornerstone for the Jewish housing project planned for the site. Police kept away several hundred Israeli protestors who were chanting, "Har Homa is not Zionism." [5/1 NYT] In Tayyiba, Israel, the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) held a rally to commemorate 50 years of Palestinian dispossession. …

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