Academic journal article The Virginia Quarterly Review

Faith Healing

Academic journal article The Virginia Quarterly Review

Faith Healing

Article excerpt

The unfortunate question in the glaring light,

now that you are breathing slowly,

now that your skin feels bright like after

orgasm; now that your body is emptied

of every tension, every anticipation, every

war to arrive at the riotous hallelujah,

now that there is a dull thumping

in your head-the eyes downcast

in the slight embarrassment after

abandon and dance; now that the crowd

becomes ordinary again, citizens

again; blank faces searching memory

for where the car is parked; now

that the musicians, pimple-faced,

journeyman-eyed, are gathering

their cord and tools; now that your

hands are occupied with sheets of paper,

and the blue carpet has lost its sheen,

the waves you saw, the surf undulating,

the shimmering of sunlight-now

that the rafters look bare, the glare

of fluorescents flattening everything-a temple

transformed into a gym-you can smell

the sugar-now in this interim, the too

young counselor asks, "Are you healed? …

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