Academic journal article International Journal of Education

The University's Role in Promoting Its Students' Social Awareness from the Students' Perspective at Balqa Applied University

Academic journal article International Journal of Education

The University's Role in Promoting Its Students' Social Awareness from the Students' Perspective at Balqa Applied University

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This study aimed to investigate the university's role in promoting social awareness of Balqa Applied University's students from the perspective of the students themselves, and to identify the impact of some demographic variables as gender, type of college and the academic year on this role. To achieve the study's objectives, the researcher presented a conceptual frame about the students' social awareness and the university's role in this awareness, and applied a field study on Al-balqa Applied University's students in three colleges that represented Jordan's three provinces. The questionnaire which consisted of 37 items was distributed into three fields, and applied after checking its acceptable degree of reliability and validity. Data were analyzed using the appropriate statistical tests.

The results revealed that the university's role in promoting the students' social awareness was high in the field of the academic staff's role, while it was moderate in the fields of the university and curriculum, and methods of teaching plus evaluation' roles, and in the total degree of the instrument as well. The results also revealed that there were no statistically significant differences attributed to the gender and faculty's variables, whereas the academic year variable was statistically significant, and the differences were in favour of the freshmen students in the field of university administration, and the fourth year students in the field of academic staff's role. Based on these results, the study recommended the necessity to reconsider the roles of university, curriculum, and methods of teaching and evaluation in promoting the social awareness by preparing programs which promote the social awareness, and to design university courses that enrich the students' humanistic knowledge in different fields that suits their social status.

Keywords: social awareness, universities

1. Introduction

Preparing and rehabilitating the human resources is considered one of the universities' major goals, and the universities seek to achieve the ideal preparation of human resources, so as to enable them work in all the fields which the society need. And to achieve this goal, the universities coordinate with the society's different institutions to provide the components of youth care with all of its mental, psychological, social and psychical aspects, and anything that can help in launching the youth's capabilities in different fields at the same time.

The youth category in the young societies, as the Jordanian one, is considered the most precious wealth of society for its flexibility in dealing with life's rapid changes, its efficiency in taking social responsibility, and its expected role in serving the society. Literature points out that the youth forms the highest numeral part in the developing countries, and it is the most sensitive category socially in terms of its situation attitude and destiny, but at the same time this category is considered the most attractive one to the crises, and the most affected by the modern changes, so developing the youth social awareness is seen as an urgent and necessary need, especially, in light of their life's deterioration, and their neutrality towards society's issues. (Al-asad, 2011)

Awareness is defined as the realization of issues in general and into details, and this realization is based on intellectual background and scientific basis, so it is a state of mind represented in the individual's realization of the world mentally or emotionally. Therefore, human awareness is represented through different images that vary according to the perceived field, or the subject of the awareness. The human knows different types of awareness as social awareness, and what it includes as ethical, religious and political awareness. Based on what is mentioned previously, human is distinguished by awareness. The individuals know two kinds of awareness; the positive awareness and the negative one or the fake one. …

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