Academic journal article Informatica Economica

Indicators for Determining Collaborative Security Level in Organizational Environments

Academic journal article Informatica Economica

Indicators for Determining Collaborative Security Level in Organizational Environments

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Collaboration in computer systems is closely linked to the evolution of distributed systems and the evolution of communication systems. The fact that computer systems are increasingly used as support for collaboration within business operations, provides the following benefits:

* operations are conducted in a rapid and controlled pace through automation and communication channels

* there is a possibility to observe the weaknesses of the business process in relation to the relationships between collaborators

* the possibility of establishing a historical database used to forecast trends for short and medium term

* business continuity depends less on the employees migration

The benefits of information systems depend to a great extent of information and access to information. It is important for the information to be accessible and consistent with the initial state. Altering information in an unauthorized manner and not based on a real context, reduces the effectiveness of information systems in business processes to the point where it affects an organization's ability to carry out daily activities. It is important that information and access to information to be managed in an appropriate manner so that the computer system that relies on this information to be considered reliable. Issues of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information are being considered in the notion of information security. Information security management operations are represented by mechanisms and techniques used for achieving information security. Information security management in a collaborative computing environment is often a difficult task because people tend to neglect aspects of cybersecurity focusing on achievement of short-term business goals. To prevent unpleasant situations where important information is losing its confidentiality state or it is fraudulently altered, requires the use of computer systems to identify situations that present security risks and block human actions that led to such a situation or issue warnings with respect to the situation. If in small organizations information security is relatively easy to manage and do not necessarily require well-established management processes for managing security, in large and very large organizations information security management is a necessity due to the diversity and variety of environments across the organization. Considering computer security in the global context, the companies are facing common threats coming from outside the company and also particular threats that are specific to each organization. Information security management through collaboration aims to improve security processes that manage threats coming from outside. Using collaboration in this situation makes sense in the context of the organizations using information systems to support daily activities are connected to the Internet, either directly or indirectly. By connecting to a common environment there will be threats that are common to all of the organizations, so there will be a general interest for all the organizations with legitimate activities to combat these threats. The common goal that motivates collaboration, in this case, is to prevent and combat cyber-attacks. Collaboration at this level consists on sharing information on the attacks encountered in the organization and sharing information on security management techniques. Sharing information on cyber-attacks encountered in an organization allows employees to take appropriate measures to manage the types of attacks found in other organizations. Such an approach will speed up the response to cyberattacks significantly reducing the financial damage globally.

2 Aspects of information security

Regarding cybersecurity, depending on its specific, each organization has different objectives involving different aspects of information security. …

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