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Branding PE Frontul De Est

Academic journal article Journal of Media Research

Branding PE Frontul De Est

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Branding pe frontul de Est Author: Aneta Bogdan Publisher: Bucureçti, 2011

When talking about branding in Romania we cannot, should not and must not forget to refer to one of the most important authors and practitioners, Aneta Bogdan. If it were from this point of view only, the book called "Branding on the Eastern Front" would have been by far a benchmark for any research in the field of brand creation and management.

But the book is much more than the reputation of its author. It turns to be a handbook both for practitioners and for managers who want the job to be done right where branding is concerned. It is not only a technical research on brand management, but, above of all, it is the story of personal branding experience. It is a book about brand creation and development, about personal branding, personal development and self-promotion, it is a book about branding as a science among other sciences. I think that "Branding on the Eastern Front" is one of the most important attempts to impose brand management as a science and to define its role, place and importance in our day-to-day life.

Although it is formally structured in two distinct parts, with an introduction and a closing, the book can be regarded as a five-part research, each part having its clear role within the structure and accuracy of the research.

The first part is the one that establishes the place of the author as a major voice on the brand market and that entitles her to set genuine definitions and norms. Talking about Brandient, pioneering and leadership, the author of the book describes her personal experience as a brand specialist, thus presenting the practical basis of the theoretical approach, giving it more value than it would have had if we had been talking about a simple theory.

"I initially wanted to write a technical book based on our professional standards; but as I was writing I realized that something was missing; something we all consider to be priceless: human experiences we all had when carrying out this pioneer experience in Romania" (Bogdan, A., p. 18).

The following part of the book, Terra Firma, the first formal chapter, presents theoretical aspects combined with and sustained by specific, practical, real and realistic examples. It defines and describes the brand from different perspectives, starting with trademark and going through aspects related to uniqueness, differentiation, relationship, value, investment or reputation. …

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