Academic journal article English Language Teaching

Using E-Learning and ICT Courses in Educational Environment: A Review

Academic journal article English Language Teaching

Using E-Learning and ICT Courses in Educational Environment: A Review

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With the quick emergence of computers and related technology, Electronic-learning (E-leaming) and Information Communication and Technology (ICT) have been extensively utilized in the education and training field. Miscellaneous methods of integrating computer technology and the context in which computers are used have affected student learning in many different ways. Integration of technology can help to create courses that are easier and more effective for learners, especially if ICT and E-leaming are integrated into the educational process. ICT, when used in a sufficient and suitable manner, can help learners to understand IT better. Moreover, it can help learners to use the absolutely necessary skills which can guarantee success in empowering the learners with IT awareness and skills which are essential for success in today's knowledge economy. This study aims to conduct a survey on the role of E-leaming and ICT courses in educational environment. By having ICT courses available online via E-leaming, every learner will adapt and be comfortable with the continuous upcoming technologies and innovations.

Keywords: information and communication technology (ICT), online-learning, electronic-learning (e-leaming), ICT course

1. Introduction

Computers have become an absolutely necessary gadget for living. The main reason is that they function as a gateway into the World Wide Web. Because of the continuous developments of computer technology and Internet available to most teachers, educational technology has become increasingly more important. Every learning Educational Institution needs a structure that provides its Academic Staff with the essential means to encourage better institutional involvement. Within these higher educations, virtual learning environments (VLE), learning management systems (LMS), web-based trainings (WBT) and other Electronic-learning (E-leaming) applications and educational technologies should be easily within reach of different kinds of people (Debevc et al., 2007). Today, schools are continuously disputed by the increased visibility, roles and cost of educational technology. Many research studies have suggested that the integration of technology can improve academic performance, enhance motivation, and promote learning (Curtin, 2002).

2. E-Learning and ICT Courses in Education

Learning concerns skills that could be measured and transferred from one person to another. The skills can develop performance in different fields of study (Dewey, 1966). E-leaming is also known as learning by electronic means in advanced online-learning in virtual learning environments. The development of a successful E-leaming in educational institutions and large societies is possible. By uploading the documents online, individuals can download and learn them offline. Perhaps at the present time online-learning environments are the most widespread and the most expensive equipment in educational technology (Salinas, 2008; West et al., 2007).

The developments of Information Technology (IT) and the communication, organization and pedagogy inspire E-leaming. Many different fields which are filled with these IT innovations are intended for education and training purposes, research and development purposes, consultation and project work. Moreover, the planning and support for an educational institution to enhance its ability and standardize its capability is by identifying necessary improvements in its current performance. Nevertheless, the online environment must permit for different technical platforms, organizational models and pedagogical beliefs.

2.1 Education via E-Learning

E-leaming is convenient as it can be done anywhere, at any time. The E-leaming advancement approaches has become more improvised with the continuous developments of technologies; thus Academic Staffs should always be efficiently consistent and steadily up-to-date, incorporating these rapid developments into the web-based environment. …

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