Academic journal article Journal of Management Research

Development of a System for Human Language Commands and Control for a Quadcopter Application

Academic journal article Journal of Management Research

Development of a System for Human Language Commands and Control for a Quadcopter Application

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This project intends to control and navigate the Quadcopter in an undefined nature using sensors and using only voice recognition. This project aims to improve speech recognition software system and test it. The system processes human voice input and answers the queries of the user.

This system is planned task related with the action of the human voice. In this sense, the application fields can change from speech production, storage, transmission and recognition processes.

Hence, this thesis uses this technology for speech recognition. The main emphasis is given to the Hidden Markov Models, Artificial Neural Network, and Linear Predictive Coding. The objective of this project is to let people have the experience of free flight being independent of a map and without using a mobile phone. This project works using a computer only. My objective was to achieve alternative result in contrast to different methods/systems.

This application is tested with speakers where the test included different tones, emotions and lengths of sample for related methodology. The reports of the system data result are used in the rating and analysis of obtained results. Due to this, test shows us that test the improved speech recognition PC system for mankind language, which was tested on various feelings and lengths is a more accurate system with less error than former researches.

Keywords: Speech recognition, Common Vector Approach, Neural Networks, Hidden Markov Models, Hybrid Systems, Acoustic Modeling, Prediction, Classification, Probability Estimation, Discrimination, Global Optimization, Speech Synthesis Universal Mark-up Language, Quadcopter, OpenCV, EmguCv, UDP Port, Human Detection, Shape detection

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1. Introduction

Voice recognition systems in general can be seen as software that converts text to speech data. Development of such system would make it easier and more efficient for the human-machine interaction. However, the development of a voice recognition system has a challenging process. For each language, you have to create different voice recognition software; hence voice recognition software in different languages has to solve the problems caused by specific features in each language. Despite all these difficulties, an effective voice recognition system can provide great benefits in many areas. For example, it will be making easier to do business with call centers, cargo companies, restaurants, military services and search and rescue teams, also with voice recognition system saves money, time and loss of manpower may be prevented. In addition, the voice recognition system can also be used for dictating text. To dictate voice text into any text editor program, it will reduce the time spent and effort. In addition, the transition can be made directly from audio files to text and this will allow people that are having difficulty of hearing to follow their publications. An advanced voice recognition system allows the machine to give voice as a command. Technological developments televisions, cars and other electronic devices can be managed by voice without any intermediary devices.

In this project, four bladed helicopters Quadcopter known by the name of the voice control are developed. In addition Quadcopter control uses C # programming language and the OpenCV library filled with EmguCV using Open Source Shape Detection and identification Human Detection feature was added.I predetermine commands which are "Take Off", "Fly", "Run", "Stop", "System Deactivate", "Security", "Hover", "Land", "Up", "Down", "Go Left", "Go Right", "GoBack", "Move On", "Turn Left", "Turn Right","Camera2","Camera1", "Find Human", "Shape Detection", "Find Shape", "Find Circle", "Find Square", "Find Triangle", "Stop Shape Detection", "Wait", "Cancel Detection" and also Quadcopter seamlessly detected by computer commands, and in tests of these commands are being applied smoothly. …

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