Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Construction of Bio-Engineering Comprehensive Experimental Teaching Innovation System

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Construction of Bio-Engineering Comprehensive Experimental Teaching Innovation System

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Analysis of the current situation and development prospects of need of bio-engineering professionals to build the education idea of social demand-oriented, "all for students, the whole process for educating people, all-round education," take CDIO engineering education philosophy as the guiding ideology, practice curriculum system for the carrier, developing ability as the main line, to build an "innovative educational concept - Research theory Teaching - entrepreneurial practice Teaching - specialized personnel training," experimental zone training model, developed with the appropriate professional teaching programs, course syllabus, experiments and practical syllabus. Talents experimental area constructed has achieved good teaching results.

Key words: Comprehensive experimental teaching; Bioengineering specialty; Creative spirit; Talent training mode; Experimentation area


Modem bio-engineering technology industry put forward new requirements for personnel: One requires knowledge, bio-engineering and technical personnel must possess multidisciplinary knowledge system; Secondly, capacity requirements, technical personnel must have a strong practical ability, innovation and development capacity. Thirdly, quality requirements, a strong overall quality and ability to make college students strengthen non-professional quality. So, how to build "Tech-bound" bioengineering technology training model to make adaptation of needs of social development of the industry is a serious problem currently. In this paper to build a "polytechnic combined strength" bio-engineering innovative training model experimental zone.


In recent years, many colleges and universities begun to realize the disconnect between talent training and social demand and carried out some reforms, such as adding practical course, increasing the student training internship opportunities and so on, but it seems that these reforms have not much effect, because these reforms are still confined to the traditional education teaching idea and mode to instill knowledge for the purpose. In the long term, the undergraduate level education in Chinese university formed a system to master professional knowledge of discipline culture orientation as the talent, and make knowledge production as the goal, to discipline knowledge as a tool of education teaching mode, it weighs the system of subject knowledge but light social demand which lead to heavy knowledge teaching and light ability. Under the environment of exam oriented education, pay much attention to standard of subject knowledge and academic values, but do not pay attention to the drawbacks of the actual ability that is to train students in practical skills and to solve the problems in field capacity is weak, lack of occupation quality and work adaptation period is too long. What the era of popular education society needs most is the construction of the economic and social service personnel. To have practice skills, occupation quality, post adaptability, to have the scene of problem oriented solving ability demand is in an important position.

In developed countries, senior technicians and technicians, senior workers, intermediate primary industry proportion is 35:50:15, and the results of a sample survey of China's coastal provinces is 2:4:94. Figures show that single goal exists in academic oriented training target, the structural contradiction of talent supply and demand is very prominent. Our forward from the human resources great nation to the powerful country of human resources needs to change to the consumption of resources, pollution of the environment at the expense of economic growth mode, all of those need high quality workers. But the public education in colleges and universities is not equal to the mode and School of ordinary occupation education training, training should not be limited to skilled workers. …

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