Academic journal article Anglican Theological Review


Academic journal article Anglican Theological Review


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The poinsettias need watering again today, April fifth,

and still bloom a red that seems lost, this confectionary

season. It foreshadows Christ's blood on the Cross, said

the man who donated dozens of them to the church

the week after Thanksgiving. He'd bought one in white

to symbolize Virgin Birth, but someone else grabbed it

at Epiphany. The last eight came home with us. They

would not die at St. Valentine's, or St. Patricks. Or stop

blooming on Good Friday. At least that made sense-

sort of. I mixed them with my other house plants, which

are nowhere near as healthy, in hopes it wouldn't look

like Christmas. It does anyway. My orchids drop their

pink and white, modernist blooms to spend years lolling

fat green tongues at me like the spoiled brats I suspect

they always have been. My wintered-over geraniums,

also blood red, refuse to bloom indoors. I hover over

the poinsettias, finger their soil for damp the way I'd

check the temperature of a child's bathwater. …

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