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The Identical Poetic Mission and Vision of Whitman and Nazrul

Academic journal article Researchers World

The Identical Poetic Mission and Vision of Whitman and Nazrul

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The paper aims at finding out some striking similarities regarding poetic mission and vision between Walt Whitman, the poet of the USA and Kazi Nazrul Islam, the great national poet of Bangladesh. Though Whitman and Nazrul were born to two different great nations and in quite different centuries, they have become the poets of the world, of all nations, and of all times because of their extraordinary love for common humanity and true sense of well-being for mankind. Though they were truly the representative poets of their own era and represented hopes and aspirations of the commons and the oppressed section of their own society, they were able to transcend their era and have become poets of common humanity of all times by virtue of their transcendental and universal humanistic poetic spirit. As, even today, the reality all over the world is the same and that always the commons are exploited; are the primary victims of any kind of political upheaval or social and economic corruption done by so called rulers, elite or vested section of the society; and their sufferings are overlooked or not really understood and addressed by the so called privileged or ruling class of a country, the poetry of Whitman and Nazrul deserves a serious consideration because they just not only speak for the oppressed common people but also unmask those exploiters, who are responsible for many social evils of the society. Though many writers throughout the ages wrote for the common, Nazrul and Whitman are yet different from them because of their universal voice, which transcends any local cultural milieu. The authors of this paper has taken some representative poems of both the poets into considerations to understand the true poetic mission and vision of these two great poets how they, in their respective historical context, understood the sufferings of the commons addressed them properly and thereby how the truth and ideas of their poetry enlighten us still today.

Keywords: Whitman, Nazrul, Similarities, Mission, Vision, Common Humanity, Mankind


Both Walt Whitman and Kazi Nazrul Islam had almost similar poetic mission as poets and vision to spread to the people of their respective country and people of the world. Lyrically both were adept in composing poems or songs in their respective mother tongue with acute precision having exact words of popular appeal. Their life and works show extraordinary affinity with each other in many ways. They observed that the commons were the worst victims of all social, economic and political indiscrimination, and injustice. Though they were products of their own time, they have been always appreciated for their prose and poetical themes of social, economic and political thoughts for the emancipation of the common oppressed people of the world. Their works have always been highly appreciated against all sorts of unjust oppressors or common human foes. And their identical family background and poverty-stricken life must have turned them to be the poets of the commons. They struggled throughout their life for their own survival through changing one profession after another. Their own poverty-stricken lives made their life and literature symbiotic. Based on their strong convictions of human dignity and equality as votaries of democracy, they spoke for the commons and against all social and political evils pervading their time transcending equally the national border of their countries at the same time and turned them as poets of mankind.

That a society of a particular place or particular nation in any part of the world in anytime of history faces some complex historical forces affecting virtually the life of the millions is nothing but the conflict between the vested group and the oppressed section or human greed and or the conflict between the just and the unjust forces. The time and society of Whitman and Nazrul is not an exception. During socio-economic and political upheaval of their respective society Whitman and Nazrul spoke for the commons and addressed the whole nation with a view to healing the nation equally thereby hoping and dreaming a world free from oppression and injustice or sufferings of all mankind. …

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