Academic journal article International Education Studies

Focus on Profession: Teaching Insights Using a Technology in a SLA Classroom

Academic journal article International Education Studies

Focus on Profession: Teaching Insights Using a Technology in a SLA Classroom

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Modern higher education requires the problem of development of professional value insights of a teacher of a new formation to be solved. One of the vital tasks of the national education is development of axiological resources of a teacher's individuality and his value system and insights. It should be noted that teaching means of development of a teacher's professional value insights can be represented by optimization of axiological resources for his professional development and educational institution's teaching traditions of creating necessary environment for teacher's axiological development, including the use of information and communication technologies in the educational process.

The article introduces an axiological pattern of teacher's professional self-development concept within the stages of the professional value system development as well as in the context of the teacher's personal individuality. It gives reasons for the use of information and communication technologies in developing the professional value insights of a teacher of the new formation.

The article discloses a deep analysis of the professionally-orienting values in the context of formation competences as learning outcomes within the implementation of information and communication technologies and methods in the educational process.

Keywords: professional value insights, an axiological pattern of professional self-development, an interactive whiteboard, a software product, a web quest

1. Introduction

Nowadays the educational process results in the objective need for focusing a teacher on development of party-to-party relationship in a teacher-student diad. This determines the increased researchers' interest for the issues of axiological teaching aspects.

In education axiology means a phenomenon of "value insights of teacher's activity" as specifics allowing a teacher to satisfy his own material and cultural requirements and guide his social and professional activity which should be focused on implementing of socially important goals (Kyryakova, 2011).

Researchers of a teacher's personal individuality place professional value insights development among the main lines of development of professional value self-consciousness. Thus, the contemporary education science considers the axiological approach as a methodological basis (Slastenin & Chizhakova, 2003) and axiologization is assumed to be the main trend of development of modern higher education. At the same time, axiologization is:

- a way of implementation of the axiological approach in the educational process, a component part of education liberalization. Both in theory and in practice it is axiologization that becomes cmcial in the structure and hierarchy of humanist values in the educational process where the core element is a personal individuality as the main value;

- a method aimed at development of personal creative and reflective value insights, the lack of which makes personal professional accomplishments, life viewpoint, proper professional outcomes and career promotion impossible;

- a scope of measures for educational process modernization which results in focusing of the educational process on the value insights (Kyryakova, 2010).

Kryahtunov has defined an axiological pattern of teacher's professional self-development. Its theoretical basis comprises the concept that teacher's professional self-development is a process of adoption of a certain value insights system including such elements as value of a teacher's and a student's personal individuality and teacher's activity (Kryhtunov, 2002).

Trifonova has singled out the following stages of development of the teacher's value insights:

* a motivational stage related to elaborating a commitment to develop the professional value system of a teacher's individuality;

* a cognitive stage aimed at development of the cognitive sphere of teacher's professional self-consciousness;

* an affective stage, that is development of the emotional and axiological sphere of professional self-consciousness or professional personalization;

* professional self-projection which consists in revision of new ways and methods of teacher's activity on the basis of realization of cognitive and axiological aspects of professional self-consciousness (Trifonova, 2013). …

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