Academic journal article International Education Studies

Pedagogical Technology of Improving the Students' Viability Levels in the Process of Mastering Foreign Language

Academic journal article International Education Studies

Pedagogical Technology of Improving the Students' Viability Levels in the Process of Mastering Foreign Language

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The article points out that the process of mastering foreign language stimulates students' personal, professional and cultural growth, improving linguistic, communicative competences and viability levels. A proposed pedagogical technology of modeling different communicative situations has a serious synergetic potential for students' self organized viability as a way of their self-realization in linguistic communicative creativity improving a quality of professional education. It is noted that a viable specialist must be ready to different social changes and hardships, to be autonomous and adaptable, flexible and sustainable, competent and competitive, to be able to take extraordinary decisions in different unpredictable vital situations. There is a dependence of developing personal psychological characteristics and professional, linguistic and communicative competences on the level of students' viability. The authors prove that a pedagogical technology of modeling communicative situations improves the students' viability level at technical universities of this country. It is underlined that this technology must be integrated part of personal and professional development of future specialists. In this regard the authors propose to change the purpose, quality of educational process and evaluating criteria of competent specialist with the help of students' viability criteria.

Keywords: viability, technology, self organization, consciousness, education process, mastering foreign language, subjective experience, modeling communicative situations

1. Introduction-The Problem of Forming Students' Viability: Background

It is noted that a lot of young people all over the world have low viability levels characterized by a person's disinterest in solving different personal, social and professional problems and goals. Usually it is characterized as passivity in realizing personal aims combined with low moral level, social and cultural standards.

It is pointed out that young people often feel indifference and apathy to the processes of planning and implementing different aims and perspectives in personal, social and professional spheres. The low viability level is pointed out to be a reason for ever increasing number of suicides among young people, and existing social, national problems among young people like violence, drugs, alcohol, smoking and so on. The solution of these problems determines the urgency of creating a unified pedagogical technology of improving the students' viability level.

So a unified pedagogical concept of improving students' viability level has a very important scientific, administrative and socio-political significance for the future development of our people, society and modern community.

Pedagogical process of forming viable specialists determines a student's personal, psychological and social readiness to overcome different challenges of modern reality and problems of the students' adapting to different production, social, cultural and economic conditions, to get over hardships and meet social, economic and industrial requirements to the specialists in the era of globalization. The problem is very important as a lot of human, personal values, moral and cultural standards are becoming vague.

The high competitiveness in modern society determines educational orientation to improve professional level, so it is pointed out that modern specialists must be ready to operate and manage complex social, economic and production processes and cope with modern social, industrial, economic challenges, to be ready to find effective decisions in different unpredictable situations and to take responsibility for the results. Some papers stress that these professional competences and personal characteristics can be formed in a significant communicative process improving students' viability levels.

It is pointed out that viability level is a person's integrated psychological system based on universal moral, cultural, professional, communicative competences, human values, cultural meaning and significance of education process, self control and personal motives of learning process determining a student's active position in communicative situations as awareness of personal and professional growth. …

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