Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Modern University Teaching Meaningful Reconstruction: Combining Teaching with Research

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Modern University Teaching Meaningful Reconstruction: Combining Teaching with Research

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For universities, teaching is the prerequisite and basis of research, and it promotes the increasing improvement of scientific research level; the scientific research is a source and power of teaching, research promotes the deepening of teaching content. The effectively integration of teaching and research gives a new meaning to the modern university teaching. The modern university teaching should be a process that absorbing creative achievements and making students have an access to the real knowledge, and that is the right teaching. The role of modern universities teacher is not only to preach, teach and disabuse, but also as a teacher and a researcher. It is said that "the best investigator should be the best catechist, the best catechist should be the best researcher", and it makes a new identity for college teachers. Under the background of combing teaching and research, the article tries to interpret the new meaning of the university teaching and the teachers' new responsibility.

Keywords: teaching, research, teaching and research, teaching meaning

1. Introduction

In university, teaching as the main activity to spread truth and profound knowledge, which should always adhere to the highest principle of the truth, and this principle will get useful supplement with the research entered. The exact relationship between teaching and research began in Berlin university which founded by Humboldt in the 19th century. Initially, the idea of combining between teaching and research got the sound function of the university which worked in the lecture- teaching mode. It was a major feature in teaching with research joined, and it was also a measure to improve the quality of teaching, promote student's creative thinking ability and practical capacity. Effectively combination of "teaching and research" made the development of higher education quickly at one time, which made scientific research became an important function of university. But In the mid-19th century, Newman thought that the unique function of a university is teaching universal knowledge to students and strongly opposed to the principle of combining of teaching and research. But the tide of history could not be stopped, with the rapid development of social sciences, "teaching and research" as a basic function of university had been gradually accepted by public all over the world. By the early 1900s, Van Hise proposed the social service as a function of university in the Wisconsin university. After that, "Wisconsin Idea" was diffused in many countries. Until now, teaching, research and community service have become widely recognized as three basic functions of higher education institutions.

2. The Ideal and Reality of Combining Teaching and Research

"A combination of teaching and research", began in the early 19th century, was an innovative concept of German universities. When Humboldt designed the principle of the new college, he said the university teaching must be combined with scientific research, the teachers should get innovative scientific research into their own teaching activities to promote their teaching, only like this way, and their teaching was the real meaning teaching in universities. Thus, the specific impress on teacher's professional life of Berlin University was: the excellent scholars not only had outstanding achievements in scientific research, but also had the most outstanding in teaching. According to German's concept, a university professor was a teacher, who also was a scientific investigator; but people paid more attention to the latter one, so we would say like this: in Germany, as a scientific researcher, who also taught college students in class." However, today, the "perfectly combination of teaching and research to promote the teaching "is an ideal for Humboldt, but the idea was not as he had imagined. In reality, the relationship between teaching and research was far from simple and linear, as the famous American scholar Burton Clark said, "Although research had already got into the university and established a link with teaching in a certain period, but to some extent, there still existed the teaching including no scientific research that called" teaching drift "and there still existed the scientific research including no teaching that called "research drift". …

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