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Revised Catechism

Academic journal article Field

Revised Catechism

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On Prayer

Say what is a prayer.

Outhiss and foam-spurt from a spent

hairspray can, trash-spilled,

when you puncture its side with a pitchfork

just to hear what it might say.

Under what conditions must we formulate our prayers?

As though a leper's scabbed lips

unswelled enough for speech.

How shall we have confidence our prayers have been heard?


across the oakgrain floor:

gash the supplicant's weight

scars between the pews.

On Catechism

Where shall our satisfaction reside: in the restlessness of our questions, or in

their satiation?

As the orb-weaver hangs between raspberry canes, spinnerets empty,

concentered in the whorls of its finished spiral web.

Say whether the answers themselves might still be enable.

Hollow in the raspberry, scarlet-juice-brimmed, where the stem has

just fallen away.

Might we build a foundation on what, nevertheless, shadows-forth to

confound us? …

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