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Exhibition Announcement: Museum of the City of New York Inaugurates the Puffin Foundation Gallery with Activist New York

The Puffin Foundation

Activist New York, the inaugural exhibition in the Museum's new Puffin Foundation Gallery, will examine the ways in which ordinary New Yorkers have advocated, agitated, and exercised their power to shape the city's-and the nation's-future. Centuries of activist efforts, representing the full spectrum of political ideologies, will be illuminated through a series of installations featuring 14 New York movements ranging from the mid-17th century to today.

The exhibition will feature historic artifacts and images from the Museum's celebrated collection as well as pieces on loan from other collections, along with interactive elements that enable visitors to explore and express their own views. For the first three weeks of the exhibition attendees will have a chance to view the original "Flushing Remonstrance," the 1657 landmark document protesting restrictions against Quakers in New Amsterdam.

The Puffin Foundation Gallery is situated in a newly renovated and climate- controlled 2000 square foot south gallery on the Museum's second floor, and named for the foundation that has supported the gallery with a giftof $3.25 million. "Activism is a banner for all people to share their hopes and dreams of a better world," said Perry Rosenstein, president of the Puffin Foundation.

Activist New York begins and ends with questions of religious freedom, from the struggle for religious tolerance in Dutch New Netherland, to today's debate over a Muslim Cultural Center near Ground Zero. In between, the exhibition examines a wide range of social movements that transformed laws and assumptions regarding race, gender, class, sexuality, economic justice, and other issues.

The exhibition unfolds through a series of 14 examples of New York activism: 1. Let Us Stay: The Struggle for Religious Tolerance in Dutch New Netherland, 1650-1664; 2. Beware of Foreign Influence: Nativists and Immigrants, 1830-1860; 3. What Has New York to Do with Slavery? 1827-1865; 4. New York Is the Battleground: Woman Suffrage, 1900-1920; 5. Houses of Welcome: The Settlement House Movement, 1890-1925; 6. I Am a Working Girl! Upheaval in the Garment Trades, 1909-1915; 7. Art for the Masses: An Activist Theater, 1930-1945; 8. We Shall Not Be Moved: New York and Civil Rights, 1945-1964; 9. What's Wrong with New York? Conservative Activism, 1962- 1973; 10. Stop the Wrecking Ball! Preserving Historic New York, 1955-1970; 11. "Gay Is Good": Civil Rights for Gays and Lesbians, 1969-2012; 12. "Don't Move, Improve": Reviving the South Bronx, 1970-2012; 13. Love Your Lane: Bicycle Advocacy, 1965-2011; 14. Park51: 2010-2012

"Peer Review and Biomedical Publication"

September 8-10, 2013, Chicago.

This is an announcement for the seventh peer review congress sponsored by JAMA and BMJ. Even non-medical professionals involved with peer review would be well-advised to consider attending.

"Holding Big Pharma's Feet to the Fire"

Jake Parent. Public Citizen News (November/December 2012), pp. 8-9

This article begins by telling us that "Pharmaceutical companies are still the largest defrauders of the federal government...." Both state and the federal governments are clamping down on pharmaceutical companies that perpetrate fraud. The salient feature of this piece is an extraordinary chart that lists the companies' names (Pfizer, Merck, Abbott, Sanofiand 17 others) followed by their financial penalties (GlaxoSmithKline: $7.56 billion, Johnson & Johnson: $2.33 billion). The total fines for all 21 companies is an astounding 29.38 billion dollars. Apparently they do not care: They pay the penalty and go on in their evil ways. Merck, for example, made 27 different settlements! To read the full report go to and follow the link. …

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