Academic journal article Journal of Economics & Management

Creating New Trends in International Marketing Communication

Academic journal article Journal of Economics & Management

Creating New Trends in International Marketing Communication

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Nowadays, development of new trends in international marketing communication practice can be observed. Due to rising customer demand, bigger competition, expansion of new technologies and increasing pace of everyday life, communication with the market has to be integrated and multidimensional in order to be noticed, remembered and, as a result, effective. There is a growing number of international marketing communication tools such as ambient advertising, mobile marketing, social media, internet of things or guerrilla marketing. Moreover, there is a new trend arising that traditional, old-fashioned tools adopted by companies are displaced by more modern and unconventional ones. Marketing communication tools which are employed by companies have to be more sophisticated and unconventional than few years earlier. This situation is caused by the fact that the market is flooded by ubiquitous advertisements and consumers became resistant towards them. Customers can recall smaller amount of images they saw during their day while compared to previous decades. The change in consumer behaviour in relation to purchasing decisions, brand awareness, consumer law awareness and needs can be observed.

The aim of this paper is to investigate and provide deep understanding of the process of creating new trends in international marketing communication. The hypothesis of the paper is that there is an ongoing process of creating new trends in international marketing communication conducted by international advertising agencies. There will be presented several most reliable and up-todate definitions, concepts and theories. The new trends which appeared in the international marketing communication practice will be discussed on the examples of winners of Cannes Lions Creativity Contests. It will ensure the insight to the most updated and currently developing trends and it will give a perfect picture of the process of creating trends throughout last years. At the beginning, the International Marketing Communication Concept will be described. Further parts of the paper contain the description of chosen marketing communication campaigns and the process of new trends creation.

1. International marketing communication concept

Marketing communication is an important and integral part of wide science discipline called marketing. Marketing, both in theory and practice, has developed enormously throughout past years. The emergence of new tools, new trends and what is more, new opportunities especially in international scope can be observed. The customers and their demand, the suppliers and all other stakehol- ders of the company are constantly changing and as a result, the managers have to accept the necessity for lifelong learning (Smith, 1999, p. 4) The obligation for updating and improvement is inevitable. The definition of international marketing communication has evolved as well. It cannot be understood anymore simply as a selling process or commercials expanded to the wider geographic area. There is no one perfect definition of international marketing communication though. It can be discussed in plenty of methods, as a business process, management function, philosophy, science or commercial activity which engage deeper understanding of the cross-cultural customers behaviours, cooperation between companies with different organizational cultures and adapting the messages towards target audience which is significantly more diversified (Pelz, Peattie, 2009, p. 14).

Marketing communication is one of the most important spheres of company activities which determine its competitive advantage on the market (Pilarczyk, 2008, p. 295). It is an important tool of marketing strategy as a result of the fact that it enables the enterprise to meet its practical market aims (Wiktor, 2006, p. 10). The role of marketing communication is very often underestimated and simplified to advertising or promotion only. The terms marketing communication and promotion are sharply different. …

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