Academic journal article Journal of Singing

Five Poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay

Academic journal article Journal of Singing

Five Poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay

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HOEKMAN, TIMOTHY (b. 1954). FIVE POEMS OF EDNA ST. VINCENT MILLAY. High Voice and Piano. Timothy Hoekman, 2011 (Classical Vocal Reprints). Traditional keys; D^sub 4^-A^sub 5^; Tess: M, CR; regular meters; varied tempos; V/mE-D, P/M-D; 32 pages. Soprano.

1. "The Road to Avrillé." A major; F^sup #^^sub 4^-A^sub 5^; Tess: CR; 4/4, Allegro (... = c. 112); V/M, P/M; 4 pages.

2. "Song of a Second April." Tonal on D minor; D^sub 4^-A^sub 5^; Tess: CR; 3/4,3/2, 2/2, Freely (... = c. 112); V/M-mD, P/M-mD; 5 pages.

3. "The Return from Town." G-G^sup [musical flat]^, major; F^sup #^^sub 4^-F^sup #^^sub 5^; Tess: M; 2/2, Briskly (... = c. 88); V/mE, P/M; 3 pages.

4. "The Concert." Tonal with various minor keys; E^sup [musical flat]^^sub 4^-A^sup [musical flat]^^sub 5^Tess: M; 4/4, Recitative-freely-Agitato (... = c. 76) and other changes; V/mD-D, P/mD-D; 10 pages.

5. "Afternoon on a Hill." C major with key changes; E^sub 4^-G^sup #^sub 5^; Tess: M; 12/8, Joyfully (... = c. 120); V/mD, P/mD; 10 pages.

These five poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay create a joyous cycle of relationships with various facets. "The Road to Avrillé" depicts an ecstatic springtime romance that will, as easily as it began, be over "long before the year was out." "Song of a Second April" reflects on all the happy aspects of springtime-"April this year, not otherwise/Than April of a year ago"-except "only you are gone,/ You that alone I cared to keep." "The Return from Town" tells of seeing two attractive young men on the way home, neither of whom could entice the young wife away from her fine husband. "The Concert" is a fascinating look at the need for music, undistracted by another person. …

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