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Academic journal article English Journal


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Let me come at this from a different

angle. Perhaps if I use an analogy

to illustrate? It's like curling. The sport.

It's like that. Where two people have weird

brooms and sweep wildly in front of the giant

heavy metal puck thing. You've probably

seen it. And then there's the one who releases

the puck, but doesn't just toss or throw

it. The person kind of pushes it forward,

dropping to the ice and sliding along with it

as if a bowler were frozen mid-bowl and set

on a moving conveyor belt. And all this without

skates, mind you. Just sliding on the ice.

But nobody's falling down. I've never seen

anyone fall in curling. And the only one

on the ground is so purposeful. So it's almost

a race at first. A race between the puck

and the thrower person, but soon a gap develops,

and the puck pulls ahead, and that's when the sweepers

get going. …

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