Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Public Policy and Model of Sustainable Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Public Policy and Model of Sustainable Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan

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This article argues that sustainable development should be in the conceptual focus of public authorities in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Sustainability involves three systems: environmental, economic, and social. The challenge of governance, and thus of implemented public policy, is to sustain each of these systems on its own while maintaining an appropriate balance among them. The article defines the concept of sustainability and sustainable development, and its environmental component in particular, in ways that are relevant to public policy; assesses the validity of the concept in terms of the interrelationships and interdependencies among the three systems. By integrating knowledge and study of the environmental system with the traditional competence in the social and economic systems, public authorities may have a model of sustainable development in the Republic of Kazakhstan which helps to be competitive internationally.

Keywords: sustainable development, management, environmental governance, Kazakhstan model, public policy, indicators of sustainable development, development, competitiveness, ecological situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan

1. Introduction

With the increase in world population and the need to meet the needs of humanity reality of natural resources depletion and constantly increasing degradation of the environment necessitates the formation of an environmental management system, as in the global economy, and for each individual country.

The idea of sustainable development, which arose as a result of limited awareness of humankind in natural resource potential for economic growth, as well as the imminent danger of irreversible adverse changes in the environment. It has been widely recognized in the world. Based on the recommendations and principles set forth in the documents of the UN Conference on Environment and Development, many countries have developed national vision and strategy for sustainable development, which include the provision of a balanced solution of socio-economic problems, problems of environmental quality and natural resource potential to meet needs of present and future generations.

Economic situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan is characterized by positive trends, but the achievement of environmental and economic sustainability of regional development is a prerequisite for the conservation successes and reduces the likelihood of social, national, political, and demographic disasters.

The main role in this process is the management of sustainable development in the Republic of Kazakhstan. With the development of market relations the most important factor in this process appears to registration and regulation of the relationship between economic development and environmental protection. In this regard, economic studies as a mandatory part should include ecological and economic analysis of economic activity, based on a systematic interdisciplinary approach that would rely on the definition and identification of the most effective ways to solve environmental problems.

Currently, the economic research on sustainable development issues is represented by sufficiently mature economic valuation of natural resources, the effectiveness of their use, determination of the economic damage caused by environmental pollution. Much attention is paid to the directions and methods of solving environmental problems, the greening of business.

However, despite the abundance of theoretical papers on this topic, they are poorly investigated. In our view, the problem of improving the efficiency of regulatory processes of sustainable development for ensuring their rationalization in the innovation economy needs to be solved. This necessitates the development of a model of sustainable development management.

2. Materials and Methods

In order to estimate the environmental governance in the Republic of Kazakhstan and reveal the model of sustainable development management we have done complex analyses of environmental problems in Kazakhstan according to the statistics of the Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan. …

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