Academic journal article Review of European Studies

Influence of Tourism Industry Development on the Regional Labour Market (on the Example of the Yaroslavl Region)

Academic journal article Review of European Studies

Influence of Tourism Industry Development on the Regional Labour Market (on the Example of the Yaroslavl Region)

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The decrease of employment level in the region and priority of developing tourism industry as a strategic factor of unemployment rate decrease are estimated in the article based on research of the current condition of Yaroslavl region labour market. It was determined that conditions of labour market and tourism industry of the Yaroslavl region are connected as complementary and interdependent functional areas. It was defined that tourism sphere has a multiplied positive effect on the employment level in the region due to increase of its functioning scope caused by relatively high shares of unoccupied population in the region. The basic development trends of the tourism industry in the Yaroslavl region characterised by positive development of a tourist infrastructure, improved quality, and outreach of services range, increase of tourist inflow in the region were designated in the research. It was found out that availability of various tourist resources in the Yaroslavl region creates conditions for many kinds of tourism: cultural and informative, cruise, medical and secondary wellness, business and event, ecological and adventure, as well as rural tourism. Taking into account results of research of the main regional features and potential, groups of development potential of the tourism industry in the Yaroslavl region were determined. Such groups include natural and geographical, culture-historical, professional and demographic, social and economic, material and technical, and economic-political potentials. The main destabilising factors of development of the regional tourism market as the base for increase of employment level in the region were summarized, and the complex of conceptual recommendations for creation of favourable conditions for formation of development potential was proposed.

Keywords: labour market, population employment, unemployment rate, tourism, tourism market, tourism industry, tourism products

1. Introduction

1.1 Introduce the Problem

Enhancement of the worldwide trend of increasing tourism sphere importance is caused by essential influence of this sphere on economy. Tourism is a significant source of income and population employment, factor-promoting realisation of international policy of a state and diversification of economy. The research urgency arises from the facts that in market conditions of economy management, spheres, and levels of tourism service are extended extremely quickly, the number of tourism organisations grows; new tourism products are being created which proves complex development of this economy branch. In this sphere, the new workplaces are distributed more widely geographically as compared to other developing economic sectors, irrespective of the state development level, and become one of the key factors for creating additional workplaces.

1.2 Importance of the Problem

In connection with the fact that resource possibilities of Russia regions allow developing tourism actively, thereby activating life of local population and attracting tourists from the neighbour regions and countries, the subjects relevance predetermines a scientific priority of the research for theoretical and practical reframe of interdependence between tourism industry and labour market at the state regional level.

Therefore, reduction of potential possibilities of the tourism industry development as a priority direction of economic policy of the region using the example of Yaroslavl region is urgent for solving of the main problem when developing employment policy taking into account regional features of territorial entities of the RF. Our research is dedicated to this problem.

1.3 Relevant Scholarship

The analysis of research results of the leading scientists and field-specific literature shows significant theoretical development of the tourism branch functioning and its influence on economic potential of a state. Special attention should be paid to scientific researches of the Russian and foreign scientists who considered the theoretical bases of the tourism industry and management quality in the process of rendering tourism services: Saveleva (2008), Blanke (2013), Voskolovich (2010), and Chiesa (2013). …

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