Academic journal article Review of European Studies

Methodical Approach and Tools to Improve the Efficiency of Managing of the Innovation Potential in the Context of Economic Globalization

Academic journal article Review of European Studies

Methodical Approach and Tools to Improve the Efficiency of Managing of the Innovation Potential in the Context of Economic Globalization

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The purpose of this study was to develop a methodology for assessing and justifying the tools needed to improve the efficiency of the management of innovation potential in the context of economic globalization on the example of a high-tech enterprise. The studies developed a method of estimation of innovative potential of high-tech enterprise, which differs from the comprehensive approach to the analysis proposed by foreign and Russian scientists, which allows to take into account one aspect of globalization of the economy, and to ensure greater confidence in the conditions of application of expert methods. Proposed methodological approach is based on the methodology of fuzzy set theory, matrix methods of aggregation and analysis of complex systems. The advantage of the proposed in the methodological toolkit is the ability to a coordinated use of indicators which are measured in different difficult comparative values, as well as the transparency of this evaluation. Information obtained through the procedure contains a qualitative and quantitative assessment of each element of the structure of innovative capacity, which is an effective supplement to the management of the organization and allows the supervisor to take justified and high-quality solutions to improve the innovative capacity. The proposed tool, in our opinion, is essential to assess the innovation potential in the analysis of this type in the conditions of uncertainty and incomplete information. Results of the study are universal and can be used for improving the management of all economic systems.

Keywords: innovation potential, assessment methodology, management effectiveness, high-tech enterprise

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1. Introduction

Intellectual capital is becoming one of the key resources, the use of which is a source of innovation. L. A. Anosova, giving the definition of the term "innovation", writes the following: "It materialized the latest scientific and technical ideas. After having received recognition in the market of consumers, they, along with the science are considered in the context of globalization as the foundation, and with it as a tool to improve competitiveness and security, as well as a basic element of a new type of society, the development of which is based on knowledge (Anosova, 2010).

Globalization, by R. Robertson (Robertson & Lechner, 1985; Robertson, 1987) is a process of ever-increasing impact on the social reality of individual countries of different factors of international importance: economic and political ties, cultural and information exchange etc.

According to some scholars there is intensification of diverse relationships throughout the world, and globalization-an extension, deepening and acceleration of global relations. Dutch researchers note (Lubbers & Koorevaar, 1999) that globalization is the process of reducing the importance of abstract geographical distances due to the high intensity of the economic, political and socio-cultural interactions.

Under these conditions, issues of improving the competitiveness of high-tech enterprises as the main actors in the innovation process, are of particular importance.

In the context of the global economic crisis it has been factually demonstrated once again that Russian business structures have the low competitiveness. Recent data from the World Economic Forum in 2013 indicate that the index of global competitiveness (The Global Competitiveness Report, 2014), Russia ranks 64th out of 148 countries in the world (World Economic Forum, 2014).

This is caused by many business organizations, which form the basis of the economic system in every developed country in the world, over a long period does not have the necessary investment and innovation necessary software. Making the transition of the Russian economy to investment growth, to its modernization, is rightly attributed to maximizing the opportunities of small business as well. …

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