Academic journal article Review of European Studies

The Peculiarities of Socio-Educational Support of the Future Specialist Professional Formation in Higher Education

Academic journal article Review of European Studies

The Peculiarities of Socio-Educational Support of the Future Specialist Professional Formation in Higher Education

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Socio-educational support in the process of education modernization should exhibit humanitarian nature, flexibility, non-violent and "non-intrusive" character of the educational process that can directly relate to the needs and interests of its members. The heightening attention to every member of the educational process marks the idea of socio-educational support of the specialist's professional development top-priority. In this regard we have identified and described the content of the socio-educational support of a future specialist professional development in higher school that involves creating favorable conditions for personal development, social self-determination and professional establishment of the subjects of education in particular organizational and pedagogical forms, as well as successful possessing necessary competencies in the process of teachers' and students' interaction. The submissions of the article can be valuable for the higher-education teaching personnel and advisors in the educational institutions of both higher and secondary professional education.

Keywords: socio-educational support, professional formation, higher education, the conditions of socio-educational support

1. Introduction

1.1 Thematic Justification

The society demands educated people who can responsibly decide between the alternatives, show mobility, dynamism, constructiveness and ability to cooperate. The professional development of a specialist who will be in-demand in the employment market largely depends on his successful socialization, professional adaptation and readiness to perform professional activities (Gutman, 2011; Ivanov et al., 2015; Levina et al., 2015).

In order to educate a new generation of competitive specialists it becomes necessary to provide socio-educational support, use efficient forms and methods of teaching process and extracurricular activities that can reveal the students' potential and develop their readiness to acquire rapidly changing technologies (Shaidullina et al., 2015). The dynamic development of modern society places a person in the circumstances where it is necessary not only to adapt to society but also make decisions eliciting his personal potential in the surrounding reality, so one of the main objectives and the important outcome of education should become not only the scope of the knowledge acquired but also motivation development, volitional qualities, formation of the value system (Demochkin, 2011; Levina et al., 2015).

The education science and practice is searching for the ways to create and optimize a guaranteed system of students' protection and support. The attention is drawn to the analysis and study of the foreign experience in organizing the socio-educational support in educational institutions as a part of the specific professional work aimed at solving various social problems of the student and the teacher as well as the entire staff of the educational institution.

The focus on the problem of the socio-educational support of the specialists professional development in higher education is conditioned by the necessity to improve the professional development efficiency and intensifying its social functions. The socio-educational support in the context of education modernization should embody humanitarian character, flexibility, non-violent and "non-intrusive" nature of the educational process that is able to correspond to the needs and interests of its members (Gutman, 2013; Sakhieva et al., 2015; Sibgatova et al., 2015). The heightening attention to the personality of each member of the educational process makes the idea of socio-educational support of the specialists' vocational development prioritized.

1.2 The Essence of the Socio-Educational Support within a University

The support assumes maintaining the naturally occurring reactions, processes and conditions of a person; it is aimed at discovering the person's characteristics and fulfilling his potential, encouraging important features of the personality and correcting the development deficiency; it also entitles the legal subject to make his own choice and take responsibility for. …

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