Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Voluntary Service: The Important Carrier of Ideological and Political Education of College Students

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

Voluntary Service: The Important Carrier of Ideological and Political Education of College Students

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Voluntary service is an important social service activity based on the summary of the activities of learning from Lei Feng and foreign voluntary work experience, which is an important carrier of the ideological and political education of college students. In order to innovate ideological and political education of college students and improve its effectiveness, colleges and universities need to effectively promote the development of college student voluntary services.

Key words: Voluntary service; Ideological and political education of college students; Carrier


Document No. [2004] 16 issued by the CPC Central Committee pointed out: Strengthen and improve college students' ideological and political education, adhere to the principle of combining political theoretical education and social practices, and actively organize college students to participate in voluntary services and other social activities. Social practice is an important part of college students' ideological and political education, which plays an irreplaceable role to promote their understanding of the community and the country and the sense of social responsibility.1 In recent years, Olympic Games, World Expo, Asian Games and other major international events and activities have provided rare opportunities for voluntary services. Voluntary service has become a social practice with the most number of college student participants and the highest participation level, which is the important channel and means for college students to conduct self-education, internalize values and enhance comprehensive qualities, and is the new carrier of the ideological and political education. As the new carrier of colleges and universities' ideological and political education in the new era and the important platform of colleges' service to the society, voluntary activity shoulders the mission of educating people, attracts more and more attention, and gradually becomes an important subject of academic researches and social concerns. As an important channel of practical education, voluntary service has a great significance to enhance the effectiveness of ideological and political education to college students.


The voluntary service of our country is a new development of the reform and opening up, which has been produced on the basis of inheriting the traditional Chinese charity thought and the development of the contemporary "Lei Feng Spirit" as well as the experience of voluntary services of European countries. In the 1980s, China began to spread volunteerism, before this, although there was not a clear statement of "voluntary service", there has already been the form of volunteer service in practice. At the end of 1994, Chinese Young Volunteers Association was formally established, since then Chinese youth voluntary service activities have been quickly developed across the country.

1.1 The Definition of the Concept of Voluntary Service

Voluntary service was originated in Western countries' religious charity, Christian churches and monasteries' distribution of relief supplies and other charitable services in the early 19,h century. In the late 19,h and early 20th century, European and American countries have passed a number of laws and regulations related to welfare, and voluntary service has gradually attracted considerable attention from government. After World War II, Western countries' volunteerism has gradually been standardized and expanded to be a social service by governments or private associations, which has been constantly standardized, specialized and institutionalized. Voluntary service of China was originated in the leam-from-Lei Feng activities in the 1960s, which is an inheritance and development of the spirit of Lei Feng.

Volunteerism is a more complex concept. Profoundly affected by different histories, politics, religions and regional cultures, the understanding of connotation and definition of extension of voluntary service are different. …

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