Academic journal article Journal of New Zealand Literature

Leigh Davis: A Bibliography

Academic journal article Journal of New Zealand Literature

Leigh Davis: A Bibliography

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Books or sections of books

Leigh Davis, Willy's Gazette (Wellington: Jack Books, 1983).

Leigh Davis, Willy's Gazette, 2nd edition (Auckland: Jack Books in association with A Brief Description of the Whole World, June 1999). Published as the 12th issue of A Brief Description of the Whole World, with a foreword by John Geraets.

Te Tangi a te Matuhi, ed. by Wystan Curnow and Leigh Davis (Auckland: Jack Books, 1999). Includes material by Wirangi Pera, Stephen Bambury, Wystan Curnow, Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki, Haare Williams, and John Reynolds, plus three works by Leigh Davis: 'Don't take my word for it', 'Throw', and 'Station of Earth-bound Ghosts-The Plans'; also a CD involving various musicians.

Leigh Davis, General Motors (Auckland: Jack Books, 2001). Text by Leigh Davis with 'physical book concept' by Stephen Bambury and Leigh Davis.

Leigh Davis, The Book of Hours (Auckland: Jack Books, 2001). Boxed set containing four separate 'Books'. Book 1: 'Tidal Wave'; Book 2: 'Burst'; Book 3: 'The Office of the Dead', which consists of twelve separately bound and numbered booklets; Book 4: 'Coda', and a contents booklet. Davis acknowledges the design input and support of John Reynolds.

Leigh Davis, Stunning Debut of the Repairing of a Life (Dunedin: Otago University Press, 2010).

Leigh Davis, Nameless: A Play (Auckland: Jack Books, 2013). This book shares a box with Redux, below.

Susan Davis and Stephen Bambury, eds. Redux (Auckland: Jack Books, 2013). Based on Stephen Bambury's work with Leigh Davis on Nameless, Redux includes 'Notes from the Playwright' by Leigh Davis, essays by Stephen Bambury and Roger Horrocks, a DVD 'flythrough' by Bruce Ferguson, and music by Alastair Galbraith.

Online books

Leigh Davis, General Motors (Auckland: Jack Books, 2001) [Accessed 7 Jan 2014].

Leigh Davis, Anarchy2 (Auckland: Jack Books, 2006) [Accessed 7 Jan 2014].


Leigh Davis, 'Noyade: Genre in Allen Curnow, 1935-1972', MA thesis, University of Auckland, 1980.

Additional published poems by Leigh Davis

'Brother Jan', Rapport, 4.2 (April 1979), 5-7.

'For Susan', Rapport, 4.2 (April 1979), 48.

'Working', Rapport, 4.2 (April 1979), 18.

'Einstein taught me physics', Parallax, 1.3 (Winter 1983), 308310.

'Main work', Parallax, 1.3 (Winter 1983), 311-313.

'Face choices', Splash, 1.1 (July 1984), 93-99.

'from Resistance Leaders', Splash, 1.2 (December 1984), 11-22.

'Stock exchange', Splash, 1.3 (May 1985), 84-86.

'Still speechless', Landfall, 162 (June 1987), 156-57.

'Saying Mass' [1991; 'Saying Mass' is also known as 'Heavenly Bodies'], [Accessed 7 Jan 2014].

'Pitch', Brief Description of the Whole World, 13 (1999), 52-53.

Reprinted poems by Leigh Davis

'from Willy's Gazette', And 2, (February 1984), 42-46.

'from Willy's Gazette'; 'from "Stock Exchange"'; 'from "Face Choices"'; 'from "Heavenly Bodies"', in The Caxton Press Anthology: New Zealand Poetry 1972-1986, ed. by Max Richards and Mark Williams (Christchurch: Caxton Press, 1987). ['Heavenly Bodies' is also known as 'Saying Mass'].

'from Willy's Gazette' [22 poems], in The New Poets: Initiatives in New Zealand Poetry, ed. by Murray Edmond and Mary Paul (Wellington: Allen & Unwin/Port Nicholson Press, 1987).

'The Footstool' (from General Motors), in Best New Zealand Poems 2001, ed. by Iain Sharp. [Accessed 7 Jan 2014].

'from Throw' and 'from General Motors', in Zemlia Morei: Antologiia Poezii Novoi Zelandii [Land of Seas: An Anthology of New Zealand Poetry], trans. by Arkadii Dragomoshchenko; ed. by Evgeny Pavlov and Mark Williams (Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2005). …

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