Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Study on the Language Strategies of Network Marketing to Women: Taking Taobao Style as an Example

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Study on the Language Strategies of Network Marketing to Women: Taking Taobao Style as an Example

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It is necessary to communicate with women according to the female psychology to network marketing success. Taobao style is a dialogue between buyer and seller when they are doing business in Taobao e-shopping. By analyzing its language characteristics, where and how people use it, this paper points out that Taobao style is a kind of feminine language strategy which can be used in sales, after sale service and evaluation management. It can help us in creating a good image of seller and in reducing disputes in the trading market.

Keywords: network, female marketing, language strategy, Taobao style

1. Introduction

With a strong purchasing power, Women are the main force of online consumption. MasterCard Worldwide has predicted that the spending power of Chinese women will keep growing and increase from 330 billion dollar in 2005 to 525 billion dollar by 2015 (Ernst & Young, 2007). Meanwhile, it's worth noting that women varies a lot from men in many areas, including decision-making, aesthetic, user experience as well as point of focus. They tend to be more indecisive and focus more on shopping experience and details. Therefore, it's necessary to communicate with women according to the female psychology and e-shopping environment to female marketing success.

2. Changes of Female Marketing Accompanied by the Development of Internet

Female Marketing is a whole set of marketing activities that being involved in, organized or engaged in by women, it emphasis the dominant role of women in these economic activities (Chen & Zheng, 2008). As the network era has come, some important changes are taking place in the environment of Female marketing.

Network has brought up integrated marketing channels, which benefits women to make fully comparison between stores or goods before their consumption. The integration of marketing channels is in the following aspects mainly: region, time, information of goods and media integration. Firstly, the distributed architecture of network renders it as a cross-regional communication way. Enterprises could put products' information on the internet while consumers could shop at home and anywhere they have access to the internet. Secondly, network, which brings up 24-hour opening online shop, has largely narrowed the links between shopping and time as well as broken up an orthodox opinion that we could only shop at the working hours. Thirdly, with vast shopping information, network makes it rather convenient for us to seek and compare different goods' information as well as the condition about after-sales service. Fourthly, network is just like a huge database that contains information from television, broadcasting, magazine, forum, blog and social medium; it offers comprehensive marketing channels for enterprises to sell their products. It also makes it possible for consumer to get this information through a search engine.

Network makes shopping separated from product experience; the personalized demand of products could be satisfied. On one side, due to the isolation characteristic of the Internet, buyer and seller are in the isolate state in network marketing. Therefore, instead of letting the consumers touch the products directly, seller could only trigger buyer's interest by literal and photographic description of product information. As a result, the rendering of digital information and communication determines the result of network marketing to a large extent. On the other side, personalized needs of products used to be submerged in the industrialized and standardized batch production and could not be satisfied. But nowadays seller could communicate with customers one-to-one easily on the internet, in this way customers could get customized special commodity and service according to their own individual demand. In the Internet era, various products begin to appear in front of consumers and the supply of products has a trend of diversification. …

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