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Students' Perspective of Learning Management System: An Empirical Evidence of Technology Acceptance Model in Emerging Countries

Academic journal article Researchers World

Students' Perspective of Learning Management System: An Empirical Evidence of Technology Acceptance Model in Emerging Countries

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The Usage of Information Technology in Education sector has played an important role. E-Class is one of Learning Management System that have been implemented in Duta Wacana Christian University since 2009. This software plays as a supporting role in the learning activities. There are functionalities that support the learning activities.

The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) proposed by Davis (1989) was a method to investigate the relationship between the Actual use of technology with the behavior and intention of its user. In this study, we investigate the relationship of actual use of technology with some constructs, provide by the method. 315 students from different grade and faculty are actively join in this research by answering the questions. Students from different grade and different major are involved in this research.

This research use constructs : Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, Attitude Towards using Technology, Behavioral Intention Use. These constructs is evaluated against the Actual Technology Use. Some external variables are also added into the model. As the result, there are some significant different perception for every students in different faculty. It is also found that there is a significant relationship between Perceived E ase of Use and Actual Technology Use. The study also finds that there is a significant relationship between Attitude toward Using Technology and Behavioral Intention to use Technology. And also it has significant relationship between Actual Technology Use and Behavioral Intention to use Technology.

Keywords: Technology Acceptance Model, e-Class, Learning Management System, Students' Persepctive.


Information Technology plays a significant role in every sector, including education sector. One of the uses of Information Technology in education by implementing Learning Management System. Learning Management System as one of the system that can support the learning activities. This system can help students to communicate with the lecturers. By using this system, students are easily to find the course materials in that systems.

Duta Wacana Christian University also use the Information Technology to serv e their students. To support the routine operations and services to the students, Duta Wacana is actively developed and implemented Information System. Thus, Duta Wacana will gives better services to the students. Concannon., et. al. (2005) states that the increased demand of integrating ICT into the educational process due to the change of students demography places higher education institutions under pressure to utilize information and communication technologies at university. Additionally, universities should take some innovations that can demonstrate value for money and maximise efficiency and effectiveness from training and development within an often restricted time and expenditure framework (Smedley, 2010).

One of the system is e-Class. E-Class is one of the Learning Management System. Learning Management Systems is a framework which controls all aspects of learning process (Forouzesh and Milad, 2012). LMS gives the content while at the same time, accomplishes the registration and management of educational course, analyzes skills gap, and fulfill follow up and reporting. In the private sector, Learning Management System is to help the business to maintain the employee's training capabilities and tracking regulatory compliances (Martin., et. al., 2005).

The students has following privilliges in e-Class :

1. Download the course materials

2. Upload the assignments before the due date

3. See the grade that has been published by lecturer

4. Discuss with the lecturer

On the other hand, the lecturer has access to the following functionalities :

1. Upload the course materials

2. Submit and publish students' grade

3. Writing the announcement

4. Discuss with the students

5. …

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