Academic journal article International Education Studies

The Reasons for the Reluctance of Princess Alia University College Students' from Practicing Sports Activities

Academic journal article International Education Studies

The Reasons for the Reluctance of Princess Alia University College Students' from Practicing Sports Activities

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This study aimed at investigating the reasons lying behind the reluctance of participation in sport activities among Alia Princess College female students, using descriptive approach. The population of the study consisted of (2000) female students, whereas the sample was of (200) students. They were randomly selected and a questionnaire of 31 items was distributed among them, the questionnaire was divided into five sections (technical, regulating and administrative, safety security, economic and social).

The study showed the most reasons for reluctance of participation in sport activities, which are administrative, economic and social reasons. The researcher therefore, based upon these findings, recommends increasing the importance of practicing in sport activities throughout lectures and symposia and providing First-aid specialist at the Sport Section, then spreading this study among couches and supervisors at the Sport Section in the college.

Keywords: reluctance from participating in sport activities

1. Introduction

People are constantly competing in all aspects of life, sport activity is one of those aspects which are very significant for the countries and nations to prove their selves in progress and superiority in sports. Since civilized nations are measured by how perfectly their people use the human potential wealth in safe and sound energies which they finally contribute in humanity progressing (Obeidat, 2006; Rabab'ah, 1999).

Sport activities are important in building the students' character in all fields; mentally, physically, psychologically and socially as well. Thus, complete, comprehensive and poise growth at this moment will be achieved for him/her. Since sports activities are parts of other intellectual and scientific reasons which contribute in individual balance.

Sports are significant educational activities designed to make an individual adoptable within his/her life and society throughout improving his/her mental, psychological, physical and social aspects (Yaseen, 2008; Obiedat, 2006). Princess Alia University College plays an important and supportive role in developing sports, as it is a part of developing youth process. It embraces a huge number of female students in different categories and specializations, the college itself seeks practicing various sport activities throughout setting female students forward. It has recently established development for sport activities on both individual and team competitions.

This procedure helped attract distinguished female players so as to organize friendly and formal matches among them and to instill the spirit of sport competitions held by the university as well. Sports could reach and touch every place in the university, holding the activities and sparkling the winners. Hence, qualified and well-experienced female trainers have been appointed, getting the enthusiasts at sport, female students are attached to present their teams at sport congregations. The college then spent a lot of money to take part in sport competitions and games as a way of media for the sake of presenting it in addition to scientific brochures and providing contributions to serve the community.

1.1 Significance of the Study

The significance of this study is being prominent since it is conducted and affected directly on sport category at the college. It also helps the supervisors and trainers have female students been aware of practicing such these activities which have a great advantage on their mental and physical health, it therefore polishes their characters in order to be able to understand the meaning of practicing sports.

1.2 The Problem of the Study

Each term of academic calendar, sport department in the college opens its gates towards encouraging female students to practice sports and form teams. This basically occurs by spreading posters on public boards, it leads the individual to acquire good traits psychologically, physically, mentally and socially. …

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