Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

The SWOT Analysis on Social Security of Transferring Agricultural People in Chongqing

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

The SWOT Analysis on Social Security of Transferring Agricultural People in Chongqing

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The 18th National Party Congress firstly used the words of "Transferring Agricultural People" to replace "Peasant-worker", it gives full expression to the respect and attention of the Party Central Committee to them, and in the report, it clearly proposed to establish a social security system that covering both urban and rural residents. This article adopts the method of SWOT with the realities in Chongqing to analyze social security of the transferring agricultural people, then finds the advantages and disadvantages of its development, simultaneously, provides the appropriate strategy according to the analysis results.

Key words: Chongqing; Transferring agricultural people; Social security; SWOT analysis


The New Urbanization National Plan (2014-2020) clearly proposed to extend the coverage of fundamental public service in towns from registered population to permanent resident population, so that these public service can help the transferring agricultural people who work in town but not registered in there. With the adjustments of our national industrial structure, a lot of rural labors flocked to towns to work, they made contributes to the construction and development of towns, especially in Chongqing, which has the social characteristics of "big rural area, and big mountain area." According to the data of National Bureau of Statistics, the population of Chongqing in 2012 as Table 1 shows, and the urbanization rate is 56.98%. The transferring agricultural people promote the industrialization development and modernization process of Chongqing invisibly, while, under the new situation, their social security problems become obstructions to their survival and development, and so, there appears a new contradiction in urban to resolve.


The SWOT analysis is an enterprise strategy analysis method, which proposed by Heinz weihrich, who is a professor in University of San Francisco in the early 1980s, and this method mainly be used in business strategy policy, regional planning, and national development strategy research. To be specific, it is an analysis method that based on the strengths, weaknesses of the inner system, and opportunities, threats of the external environment to establish a matrix model, then, integrating the findings to get appropriate strategies (Yang, 2013). The matrix model as Table 2 shows.

The SWOT an alysis makes the inner system and external environment as a static state during a certain period, although, it has the construct of hypothetical, but perfects for the periodic decision in the continuous planning. The social security problems of transferring agricultural people in Chongqing involve many aspects with a complex relational network, it can not be resolved in a short time, and so, the SWOT analysis is well suited for it.


The strength means the factor that transferring agricultural people in Chongqing posses specific to social security.

2.1 The Improvement of Vocational Skill

The Chongqing government devoted to improve the vocational skills of transferring agricultural people in 2009, and issued two policies: The Further Notice to Improve Peasant-Worker 's Job of Chongqing, and The Employment Promotion Regulations of Chongqing to implement the vocational skills of transferring agricultural people. Specifically, the government carried out some training, such as, classification training, pre-job training, enterprise training and so on, what's more, there also established the authentication mechanisms of vocational skills (Wang, 2010). The trainings of vocational skills changed the past labor output employment situation of transferring agricultural people in Chongqing, and the study of new skills promoted their ability, changed their employment concept, improved their employment rate. So, the support of vocational skills and jobs provides the basic platform of social security of transferring agricultural people. …

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