Academic journal article Asian Social Science

High-Tech Businesses Management Based on the Trends of Explicit and Implicit Knowledge Markets

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

High-Tech Businesses Management Based on the Trends of Explicit and Implicit Knowledge Markets

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The research presents a model of high-tech businesses management, basing on the trends of explicit and explicit knowledge market; classification of high-tech businesses, taking into consideration the three types of economic activity: high-, middle- and low-tech; possibilities to manage the life span of high-tech business basing on its market value, technological innovations costs and business indicators. The research is based upon: authors' methodology of explicit and implicit knowledge market analysis; methodology of classification of the types of industrial production and science-intensive services; the knowledge management model; methodological materials of the Russian Agency on Statistics (Rosstat), statistical data of the National research university "Higher School of Economics".

Keywords: management model; high-tech businesses, explicit and implicit knowledge market, classification of high-tech businesses

1. Topicality

The development of knowledge market as an integrity of explicit and implicit knowledge markets is a characteristics of the fifth and sixth knowledge-intensive technological patterns on the particular industrial-technological territory (country or region). Solving the topical issues of high-tech business management in enterprises functioning in the international knowledge market and forming the Russian market of explicit and implicit knowledge will promote the priority of high-tech business development. The program document of "Strategy of innovative development of the Russian Federation up to 2020" "Methodology of calculation of indicators "Share of the production of high-tech and science-intensive sectors in the gross domestic product" does not sufficiently highlight the criteria of development for high-tech business, science-intensive companies and science-intensive services. The high-tech business models have barriers for high-tech business development both in the age of a high-tech business and type of its economic activity (Top 50 of "TekhUspekh" rating). International ratings of high-tech businesses: Thomson Reuters (USA) (2013); indexes of high-tech business: Nasdaq (USA), DAX (Germany) include companies not functioning in high- and middle-tech business types of economic activity (Official web-site of Nasdaq; Predstavlyayushchiy broker company). The research of this fact will allow to reveal the notion of "high-tech businesses" (Acemoglu, 2010; Aranguren & Larrea, 2011).

2. Methodology

The authors have elaborated the approach to research the high-tech businesses management, basing on the knowledge market analysis at macro- meso- and micro-levels, the model of knowledge management in an organization (Table 1, Figure 1).

The authors' business model of high-tech businesses is based on regulating the high-tech businesses' functioning on the markets of high-, middle- and low-tech production by managing the business indicators and expenses on technological innovations (Betz, 2014; Carayannis & Papadopoulos, 2011; Giudice, Peruta, & Maggioni, 2013). The critical positions are [O,Y1,Y2], [O, X1, X2]. In the first case the life span of a high-tech business is ensured by the efficient management system, which is bound to fail short-term without expenses on technological innovations. In the second case, the massive expenses on (technological) innovations lead to bankruptcy, though there are patents and the brand, but there is no appropriate management system, business model and knowledge management in the organization (Gumerova & Shaymieva, 2014; Gumerova & Shaymieva, 2013; Herstad, Pålshaugen, & Ebersberger, 2011).

The space optimal for high-tech businesses functioning is [Y1,Y2,X1] (Diagram 1): cost management of a high-tech business is carried out long-term with expanding expenses on technological innovations and strengthening business indicators. An additional tool for analyzing the high-tech businesses management is an index of high-technology of high-tech businesses, which is a complex of three equations in the sphere of high-tech businesses management (Diagram 1). …

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