Academic journal article International Journal of Education and Management Studies

Distance Learning Education for Improving Women's Status and Their Rights: A Review

Academic journal article International Journal of Education and Management Studies

Distance Learning Education for Improving Women's Status and Their Rights: A Review

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Women amongst other categories of people can be regarded as unreached group when the issue of access to education is considered world over. It is argued that women all over the world have been categorized under the disadvantaged groups of people and the society itself has systematically and consistently pursued the socialization of women into accepting the notion of being a disadvantaged group. Given the preponderance of this categorization of women as a disadvantaged group of people, a social reengineering process is required to introduce equality through emancipation of the mind. This is where education has been found to be useful as a liberating force and agent of social change especially in developing countries like India.

Education is a lifelong process and is essential for human resource development at all levels. Education should help intellectual, social and emotional development of human beings. Education also brings about reduction in inequalities in society presuming that education leads to equalization of status between individuals coming from higher to unequal socio-economic strata of the society. If we go through the history of the movement for improving women status all over the world, it indicates that education is the most powerful instrument of changing women's positions in the society. Education for women was regarded as a means to improve their status within the family and not equip them to play any role in the wider social context.

Education is regarded as the key factor in overcoming the barriers that women face and the basic tool for empowering women and bringing them into the main stream of development. Education not only provides knowledge and skills to improve health and livelihoods, but it empowers women to take their right place in the society and development process. Education gives status and confidence in decision making. Educating women is the key to reducing poverty. Women status in the society and education are interrelated. All over the world movements have been carried on to change the situation of illiteracy as stated by Bhatt,D.B and Sharma, R.S (1992) " The movement for improving women's status all over the world has always emphasized education as the most significant instrument for changing women's subjugated position in society." Women education has an important role in the development of nations. The literacy rate of the women has also impact on the economical condition and reduction of the poverty of the country.

This backwardness of the women is due to the non-equal chances to education of the women. There may be equal chances to education for male- female the development of the country may be doubled. There may economic revolution in the country, if the gender disparities in the literacy rate minimized to zero.

In India, the development of education has been mainly confined to middle class family. The present system of education covers more than 25% of the total female population. Majority of the female population is still illiterate. The situation in rural areas is much worse as compared to the urban areas. Literacy rate in urban areas is better than rural areas. Though there has been a large number of universities and colleges, the percentage of girl's enrolment is not more than 40% of the total population and that too is in urban areas.

Women and education

Education is an important aspect of developed nations and it is proved that nations without education cannot develop at its full as it cannot take full advantage of its human resources and human resources is one of the major resource/asset of any nation. Woman make almost half of the population of any country, thus their involvement in the development cannot be ignored. Without educated woman a nation cannot see its distant dream as woman is the mothers who write the future of a generation. In last few years there has seen considerable improvement in women education in India. More and more women are coming out of houses and opt for education in India. …

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