Academic journal article Pennsylvania Literary Journal

Midnight Chimes

Academic journal article Pennsylvania Literary Journal

Midnight Chimes

Article excerpt

I lie in mournful solace awaiting death's

Last advance, the burgeoning winter of my

Life reflected beyond the cold, who seeps past

Creaking window sills to watering eyes

Clamped shut in blindness. My body prone,

Lightly shrouded amidst a growing pit

Of eternal emptiness, shuffling the coil,

silence's eternal reign. But then, in a fit

Of unbridled glory, the barbaric hush

Retreats beyond ramparts unknown

And valleys unscathed, first as shallow

Echoes over the snowcapped briars, grown

In melancholy tones, waltzing swift past

The darkness as a hammer meets brazen

Brass bell, its forlorn song beating

Against a discomfited midnight liaison

Of a million timid stars suspending the night.

Sounds are mere shadows of midday sun,

Creeping slowly around callous corners

Of every murky brick ally in worrisome

Spirit. The chimes like children play above

Streets slicked in ice like summer rain,

And wander forth in aimless muse to the

Cold glass corners of my window pane. …

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