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Academic journal article Journal of Information Ethics

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"Endangered by Research"

Lila Guterman. The Chronicle of Higher Education (July 21, 2006), pp. A12-A14.

Traditionally, scientists share their discoveries with their peers and the public. Recently, the government has attempted to stifle publication of sensitive data, and now it turns out that the publication of the locations of newly discovered species of plants and animals results in an inundation of poachers who wish to capture and sell them, at times for extremely large sums of money. The dilemma that this presents is clear: Disseminate information and cause harm or censor one's important discoveries.

"History Is Slipping Away as Collections Deteriorate, Report Says"

Lynnette Clemetson. The New York Times (December 6, 2005), p. B3.

Librarians, archivists, museum curators, and others discuss preservation, hold seminars, and learn about the latest techniques, but many artifacts are harmed or destroyed because talk takes precedence over action, which is often very costly. This article is illustrated with a photograph of a flooded storage facility: the aisle between two sets of shelves containing hundreds of boxes of soaked material at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe looks like an irrigation canal. A report on this sad state of affairs surveyed "more than 3,000 institutions."

"Ethics: A Weapon to Counter Bioterrorism"

Margaret A. Somerville and Ronald M. Atlas. Science (March 25, 2005), pp. 1881-1882.

When scientists have traditionally defended against horrific outcomes, they have used technological rather than ethical or legal deterrents. These authors propose a code of ethics for the life sciences and defend its implementation against the skeptics. The code is included in a sidebar.

"Online Resources"

Counterpoise (Winter/spring, 2006), pp. 90-98.

This is a listing of resources and organizations that have been added to the ALA's Hunger, Homelessness & Poverty Task Force web site . Included, among other things, are Internet links, books, statistics, institutes, and agencies. Invaluable for those who wish to help.

"A Chilly Climate on the Campus"

The Chronicle of Higher Education (September 9, 2005), pp. B7-B13.

Here is an extraordinary forum composed of concise essays by eleven luminaries including Robert M. …

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