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Academic journal article Journal of Information Ethics

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"Strange Tales from the Trenches"

Daniel Ennis and Arne R. Flaten. The Chronicle of Higher Education (May 11, 2007), C1, C4.

Two instructors on the same campus discover two very different ethical abrogations and discuss them. The first concerns the misuse of copyrighted material in an extremely fine text; the second offers insights into fraudulent résumés and candidates who dissimulate in order to acquire a job. This is a telling article.

"History, Digitized (and Abridged)"

Katie Hafner. The New York Times (Mar. 11, 2007), BU 1, BU 8-9.

Much of the world's knowledge is available on the World Wide Web, but not all of it, and the material that falls into this latter group may be neglected by scholars. An example is the Steinbeck documents that the archivist has no intention of digitizing. Thus, even today, it may be necessary to travel in order to examine original artifacts. A mere ten percent of the Library of Congress's collections is available online and it will take 1800 years to digitize the National Archives' nine billion texts. This is a comprehensive and nicely illustrated article.

"Wikipedia Policy Spotlights Info Issues"

The Burlington Free Press (Feb. 15, 2007), 4A.

Wikipedia is so controversial, especially in Vermont, where Middlebury College's history department has proscribed its use, that this newspaper ran a long editorial on the subject. The encyclopedia is valuable, but since anyone can alter a text at any time, one must take care in using the information gleaned here.

"Middlebury College History Department Limits Students' Use of Wikipedia"

Brock Read. The Chronicle of Higher Education (February 16, 2007), A39.

Brock Read interviews Don J. Wyatt, the Chairman of the Middlebury College history department. The upshot of this piece is that Wyatt and his colleagues like and use Wikipedia, but prefer that their students find alternative sources for their serious research papers and examinations. …

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