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Academic journal article Journal of Information Ethics

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"As Book Prices Multiply, So Do the Options"

Tamar Lewin. The New York Times (September i6, 2003), p. A26.

The prices for college students' texts are disproportionately higher than for other products or books ($i20 for a biology volume, for example). Until recently there was nothing students could do, but now they have started sharing, using library copies, buying used volumes online, or just not buying at all. Not mentioned is the possibility of purchasing from other countries, but one runs the risk of acquiring an outdated version.

"Scientists Urged to Screen Research to Avoid Aiding Terrorists"

Richard Monastersky. The Chronicle of Higher Education (October i7, 2003), p. A28.

The National Research Council recommended that scientists take care in disseminating information that could help terrorists develop biological weapons; among other suggestions, one learns that editors should screen potential publications. (Editorial note: This is a bizarre but comprehensible development. In the past, academic freedom allowed one to publish virtually anything; only researchers working either on classified governmental or proprietary business projects were enjoined-in one way or another-from o∂ering their research results to the scientific community. Under the threat of terrorist activity, various forms of control and self-censorship make sense.)

"Historical Association Will No Longer Investigate Allegations of Wrongdoing"

Thomas Bartlett. The Chronicle of Higher Education (May 23, 2003), p. Ai2.

The American Historical Association will no longer investigate misconduct cases such as plagiary; since sometimes the accused are not even members and the organization has no real power to do anything other than render a decision, this is an understandable development. …

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