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Academic journal article Journal of Information Ethics

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"A Watchful State"

Jeffrey Rosen. The New York Times Magazine (October 7, 2001), pp. 38ff.

The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have stimulated the government to consider the installation of more surveillance cameras to protect against future catastrophes. Jeffrey Rosen discusses Britain's experience with almost total urban coverage. The news is not good. We sacrifice freedom and privacy, but do not necessarily forestall terrorism or serious crime. Additionally, Rosen cites many abuses of the system including leering and racial profiling.

"Why Fear National ID Cards?"

Alan M. Dershowitz. The New York Times (October 13, 2001), p. A23.

In this op-ed page essay, Dershowitz informs us that "anonymity is not a right." He notes the dangers and advantages of an internal electronic passport and insists that it is preferable to racial or ethnic profiling. The current national security crisis is a poor excuse for legal scholars like Dershowitz (who claims to be a civil libertarian) to promulgate delimiting traditional American rights. …

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