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"Confirmational Response Bias and the Quality of the Editorial Processes Among American Social Work Journals" William M. Epstein. Research on Social Work Practice, i4, 6 (November 2004), pp. 450-458.

The author sent out two versions of the same essay to 3i journals in order to test whether editors favor those pieces that confirm hypotheses. He discovered bias and editorial prejudices. But because he deceived editors and referees, he has been criticized for acting unethically.

"Judge Strikes Down Section of Patriot Act Allowing Secret Subpoenas of Internet Data" Julia Preston. The New York Times. September 30, 2004, p. A23.

Manhattan Federal District Court Judge Victor Marrero ruled that the Patriot Act section that allows enforcement o[double dagger]cers to view personal Internet data without a subpoena and that further bars people from discussing matters with lawyers is unconstitutional.

"Special Report: Plagiarism" The Chronicle of Higher Education, December i7, 2004, pp. A8- Ai9, A23.

This special report contains four articles and a group of sidebars all devoted to plagiarism. Much of the text is given over to the detailed analysis of specific cases. One piece does o∂er some theoretical and general commentary. Invaluable to those interested in this important and controversial topic.

"Librarian Finds Publisher's Journals Ran Identical Articles Without Notice" Scott Carlson. The Chronicle of Higher Education. December 3, 2004, p. A34.

Emerald, a publisher of many scholarly periodicals, has been republishing articles in di∂erent journals without indicating that they originally appeared in another publication. The initial findings indicate that there are "409 articles in 67 journals from i989 to 2003." The person who discovered this believes that there are many more to be found.

"New High-Tech Passports Raise Concerns of Snooping" Matthew L. …

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